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Netflix Cancels Free Trial Watching




Today it became known that Netflix has decided to completely cancel its free mode of operation for new users – previously, the streaming service provided all new subscribed users with the opportunity to view a fairly significant part of the content in free mode for the first month. Now, Netflix management has decided to end this support for some reason, although it has not yet explained the specific reasons for this decision. However, more experienced users have already begun to notice that the streaming service is changing the format for distributing content and providing access to it.

Netflix, in general, has been present on the streaming services and media entertainment market for a long time to completely stop the old format of content distribution – moreover, this time was quite enough to become one of the most active initiators of various kinds of trends and features in the digital entertainment industry. At one time, it was Netflix that influenced the formation of other, equally well-known and popular services, like Roku and Android TV, although at the moment the company is more focused on internal changes in its structure than on changing the external, global structure.

Apparently, the management of the Netflix corporation decided to cancel the possibility of providing a free monthly view of its content on the basis of what has already seriously raised the bar of quality and has become one of the most recognizable symbols of this kind of entertainment on the Internet, which is quite enough to attract new users.

It’s worth noting, though, that canceling a free month of watching with a new Netflix subscription will clearly be frustrating for most users, but it’s worth noting that the company is now striving to provide its premium users with as many options and features as possible regarding additional viewing. content. Netflix is ​​likely to provide its users with some additional options for finding and viewing specialized content by category soon.

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