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Netflix blew up 2020. Record number of users, huge profits and rating of the best TV shows and films



Many cinemas have closed in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has played into the hands of Netflix and other streaming services. Netflix added 37 million paying subscribers last year, hitting the 200 million mark. In 2019, the service received 28 million subscribers.

Netlix revenue per user has grown from $ 9.88 on average in 2018 to $ 11.2 today. The majority of new subscribers (83%) came from outside the US and Canada. About half of new users are from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region has become the second largest source of user growth.

At the same time, annual revenues rose to $ 25 billion, up 24% compared to 2019, while operating income rose a whopping 76% to $ 4.6 billion. Netflix revised its 2021 operating margin forecast – Netflix now expects a 20% margin, up 2 percentage points from last year. In the first quarter of this year, the company is forecasting a modest 6 million user growth.

The most popular TV series was “The Crown”, which was watched by over 100 million families. The Queen’s Gambit attracted 62 million families and boosted sales of chessboards. Midnight Sky was seen by 72 million families in the first four weeks of its premiere. Couple for the Holidays was rated by 68 million families, Christmas Chronicles Part 2 by 61 million, and We Can Be Heroes by 53 million.

From the looks of it, Lupine will be the next big hit. It is predicted that 70 million families will watch it in the first four weeks.

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