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Navigation in Google Maps will get an interface in the style of Android Auto




Google has a rather peculiar history with the development of various driving modes. First, navigation appeared in Google Maps, then a separate Android Auto application was created, last year the company announced that it would be replaced by Driving Mode, and now everything is returning to normal and we will receive updated navigation in Google Maps. At least the Android Police portal has published a number of screenshots that showcase the new interface.

As you can see, when navigation is running, buttons for launching Google Assistant and calling up the menu appeared at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the latter brings up a list of apps similar to Android Auto. You can immediately launch a personalized playlist, make a call or view messages. At the same time, the interface is quite large to make it convenient to use while driving.

On the one hand, such an extension of the navigation functionality in Google Maps is definitely a plus. But at the same time, Android Auto remains with a very similar interface, and Driving Mode should also appear sometime. All this confusion hardly plays into Google’s hands.

As for the updated navigation in Google Maps, it appears to be a server-side update, so there is no way to download the APK installer to test it yet. Write in the comments if an update has arrived.

Source: Android Police


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