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NASA has failed to create new spacesuits for astronauts in 14 years. The department is ready to purchase spacesuits from private companies



NASA is really having problems with the new spacesuits. After an incredible 14 years of work, management acknowledged the inability to cope with the task and turned to private companies.

A few days ago, NASA posted a request for proposals for companies that want to try their hand in this direction. NASA will provide commercial companies with access to data from design and development activities.

The department plans to cooperate with one or several companies. The services to be performed under this contract include the provision of space suits, tools and equipment, vehicle interfaces, flight and ground support equipment, and training and operations support. The partner is responsible for providing fully demonstrated and certified systems and services capable of meeting NASA’s technical needs. The commercial partner or partners will keep the system running during the spacewalk.

In a press release, NASA says it plans to hold one or more spacewalk demonstrations with new spacesuits as early as 2023. However, this implies that those same private companies will have to provide ready-made spacesuits much earlier so that NASA specialists have time to test them. In fact, there is no time for development from scratch, that is, NASA implies that some companies already have projects or even completely ready-made solutions, since the Artemis project involves the landing of astronauts on the moon in 2024.

However, back in August, when it became known about NASA’s problems with spacesuits, Elon Musk said that SpaceX could do it if necessary.

Recall that over 14 years, NASA has worked on several projects of new spacesuits, spending 420 million dollars on this. Why the management failed is unknown.

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The new Intel processors are likely to be more expensive than their predecessors. There are already prices for two new models in the US



It looks like the new Intel processors will significantly raise the price bar. A large American network MicroCenter has already added a couple of new Alder Lake generation products to its range.

The Core i7-12700K is priced at $ 470, while the top-end Core i9-12900K will cost $ 670. For comparison, the Core i9-11900K has a MSRP of $ 550, and Intel’s flagship model has always cost about the same for many years.

Of course, there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so we don’t know the recommended prices. But today we have already seen an example from Germany, where the price was also above $ 600.

The new Intel processors are likely to be more expensive than their predecessors.  There are already prices for two new models in the US

At the same time, it is hardly worth blaming Intel for such a pricing policy. First, the new CPUs will be much more efficient than their predecessors. And secondly, the same Ryzen 5000 is also not cheap, and it is not yet clear if the Ryzen 9 5950X will be able to withstand in comparison with the new flagship of Intel.

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“Your beloved American president has been silenced.” Donald Trump finally announced the launch of his Truth Social



Former US President Donald Trump has finally announced the launch of his own social network called Truth Social.

A limited beta launch is slated for November, with wider rollouts scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

I created Truth Social and TMGT (Trump Media and Technology Group) to counter the tyranny of big technology. We live in a world where the Taliban are on Twitter, but your beloved American president has been silenced

Recall that Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are permanently blocked.

At the moment, a social networking site is already functioning, where those who wish can join the waiting list. There is also a link for pre-downloading the application on iOS.

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Vulnerability in WinRAR allows code to run without the user’s knowledge



To carry out an attack, you need to create a malicious Wi-Fi access point, hack a router, and spoof DNS.

Positive Technologies Igor Sak-Sakovsky discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the WinRAR file archiver. An issue identified as CVE-2021-35052 exists in the WinRAR web notifier, which is used to display trial period expiration messages. The vulnerability affects WinRAR versions prior to 6.02 beta 1.

To display a message about the expiration of the trial period, the web component redirects to HHPS: // The vulnerability allows a remote unauthorized person to intercept requests sent to them and thereby carry out a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, create a backdoor, and even remotely execute code.

As explained by the researcher, the vulnerability exists due to the use of the incorrectly configured webbrowser module by the web notifier component.

According to Sak-Sakovsky, in order to carry out an MITM attack through this vulnerability, an attacker needs to create a malicious Wi-Fi access point, hack a router and spoof DNS, or be on the same network with the victim.

An attacker can use an SMB server to execute code remotely, but there are restrictions on the black list of executable file extensions. So, when you run files with the bat, vbs, exe and msi extensions, a message about the malicious file will appear, suggesting possible actions with them. However, since WinRAR does not have an automatic update mechanism, and vulnerable versions are common, attackers can bypass the restrictions and hide the launch using old exploits for WinRAR or Microsoft Office.

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