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Named the countries with the fastest mobile Internet




Since the beginning of 2019, cellular network operators, manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and smartphones have begun to actively deploy fifth-generation networks. Since then, the new standard is available in dozens of countries around the world. Analytical company Opensignal has decided to find out where the fastest 5G is now.

The study was conducted in the period from May 16 to August 14 this year. It was found that the average download speed in 5G networks is approximately 1.4-14.3 times higher than in 4G.

The highest average data download speed in the fifth generation networks was found in Saudi Arabia, where it reaches 414.2 Mbps. Compared to 4G, the introduction of the new standard has increased network bandwidth by a record 14.3 times. The introduction of 5G networks in the country was officially announced in June 2019.

On the second step is South Korea with a rate of 312.7 Mbps, which is 5.3 times higher than the capabilities of fourth-generation networks. A feature of 5G Internet in this country is the high share of coverage: about 85 cities with just over 100 already have access to the new wireless standard.

Closes the top three Australia, where 5G is available in only a few cities. However, the maximum download speed here reaches 215.7 Mbps, which is five times faster than 4G. Last place in the ranking in the US, where the speed of 5G is 50.9 Mbps, which is only slightly more than 4G.

Named the countries with the fastest mobile Internet


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