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Mysterious Exynos 1080 processor is more powerful than Snapdragon 865+



Samsung has several new proprietary Exynos processors in the works. Among them is the Exynos 1080, which will form the basis of the brand’s top smartphones next year. And although the official announcement of the processor is still ahead, it has already shown what it is capable of.

Insider Ice Univerce on his Twitter page reported that the Exynos 1080, as part of a mysterious device called the Orion, passed the test in the AnTuTu benchmark. In the synthetic test, it scored 693,600 points, beating the current market leader Qualcomm Snapdrgaon 865+, especially in terms of graphics processing, and setting a new all-time AnTuTu record.

Mysterious Exynos 1080 processor is more powerful than Snapdragon 865+


So far, we can only guess what the Exynos 1080 is. Insiders say that this single-chip system was developed specifically for the Chinese market, that is, smartphones based on it will be available only in the Middle Kingdom. Perhaps this is an updated version of the current flagship Exynos 980 chip with a faster graphics accelerator Mali-G78 instead of Mali-G76. A new processor was produced, apparently according to a modern 5-nanometer process, which allows you to create more powerful and energy-efficient chips compared to 7-nanometer standards.

What kind of smartphone is hiding under the name Orion is also unknown. But it’s clear from AnTuTu’s data that this will be the flagship model with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of built-in storage. And the operating system for the device is the latest Android 11. According to rumors, the first to receive the new Exynos 1080 chip is not the flagship of Samsung, but the Vivo X60 smartphone. Perhaps it was he who appeared in AnTuTu.

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