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My iPhone is lost how to locate it My iPhone is lost how to locate it

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My iPhone is lost: how to locate it?



Have you accidentally misplaced your iPhone? And you have been browsing the web ever since in search of a solution that can help you locate it? You don’t have to worry anymore, because there are various ways to recover a lost iPhone. The giant Apple has, in fact, made this possible by providing its latest smartphones with new features thanks to which their owners can easily find them in the event of loss or theft, even if they are switched off.

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The iPhone that you lost is not one of the last born of the apple brand? No need to worry, because you can still locate it. Indeed, the methods for locating a lost or stolen iPhone that you will discover in this tutorial are compatible with any Apple smartphone as long as it is running iOS 5 or higher.

iPhone lost: what are the risks for the user?

You may not have realized it yet, but misplacing your iPhone isn’t just about losing your favorite apps, music, and contacts. Indeed, the loss of your smartphone exposes you to much greater risks such as unauthorized access to your photos, your accounts on social networks, your login credentials and even your personal emails.

It is also possible that the thief tries to access your bank details, especially if you are one of those who use online banking services or keep their sensitive login details in their sticky notes.

Because iPhones are critical and personal databases, it’s generally a good idea to enable any security features they come with and install additional security software, if possible.

But even if you can afford to do without the second security option, it is essential to keep your iPhone’s security features activated. You may not know this, but it makes it easier to locate and recover their mobile device if lost or stolen. If you haven’t done this on the iPhone you lost, then consider taking these provisions with the next smartphone from the Apple brand that you will buy if by chance your attempts to locate prove unsuccessful.

Did you secure your iPhone before it was stolen? it is very good ! And what’s even better is that you don’t need to be a computer whiz to be able to apply the various methods of locating a lost iPhone described in this article. Let’s get to the heart of the matter without further ado.

How to Locate a Lost iPhone Using the App FindMy ?

Locating a lost iPhone using the Find My app is a multi-step process. Here is the path you must follow to find your Apple device:

Locate lost iPhone on a map

Before we go any further, here are a couple of things you should know. The first is that you will only be able to find your iPhone if you have previously activated the ” Find My iPhone on this one.

The second is that it is no longer possible to locate your Apple smartphone from another user’s iCloud account. Indeed, this option is no longer available since iOS 13. But the good news is that you can still do it from your own account. You can do this using another Apple device that you own. You can also use a PC.

If you choose to use your other iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, which is also connected to your iCloud account, all you have to do is go through the “Locate” app available on the latter to find out the exact location of the iPhone that you have misplaced. If the latter does not appear in the list of devices, this means that its “Locate” feature is not activated. Which, if necessary, would make it impossible to locate it remotely.

Otherwise, be aware that you can also find your lost device on a map by connecting directly to from a MacBook or PC. All you have to do here is access the said web address with your favorite browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, etc.).

Once on the iCloud “Find My iPhone” app page, all you have to do is enter your Apple ID and log in.

1642499349 611 My iPhone is lost how to locate it

At this stage, it is important that you avoid authenticating yourself on the site If you do so, you will systematically be confronted with a double authentication window. Indeed, an authorization code would then be generated, then sent to the lost device. Unable to access it, given the circumstances, you will therefore find yourself in a dead end. But if you follow the given instructions to the letter, everything should be fine for you.

Once you’ve signed in to your Apple ID, your device’s location should appear instantly on the map. It is indicated by a small green dot.

Ring your iPhone remotely

It is recommended that you only use this feature if you think you have misplaced your device in your home, or if you are a few meters from its location point in order to identify the person who stole it from you or to find them. quickly.

So ringing your device remotely can help you find it. To take advantage of this iCloud option, you must deploy the ” All my devices and click on the name of your missing iPhone.

1642499350 83 My iPhone is lost how to locate it

Once this is done, select in the pop-up that appears ” To ring “. Your phone should ring without delay.

1642499352 922 My iPhone is lost how to locate it

If you can’t hear it, it may be because it’s on silent. If necessary, you will need to consider another tracking method.

Lock Lost or Stolen iPhone

The first instinct you should have after obtaining the geographical location of your Apple device is to lock it. This is a security measure that allows you to remotely restrict access to your iPhone using a passcode, thereby protecting your sensitive information.

Locking your lost iPhone after locating it disables Apple Pay. This also prevents the thief from using it if he intended to. To increase your chances of getting your iPhone faster, you can display a personalized message with your contact information on the stolen device. But beware ! to take advantage of all these options, you must necessarily report your device as lost in the ” Find My iPhone “.

To do this, click on ” Lost Mode “. You’ll find it in your iPhone’s window displayed on iCloud. Once done, you will be asked for a phone number. Communicate the one on which you are currently reachable, then validate by clicking on ” Following “.

1642499354 469 My iPhone is lost how to locate it

A new window should appear now. This is where you need to specify the message you want to display on the screen of the iPhone you lost. Simply click in the appropriate field and type your message. Once the entry is complete, validate it by selecting ” Ended “.

1642499356 588 My iPhone is lost how to locate it

Impossible lost iPhone recovery: What to do?

You’ve followed all the procedures detailed above exactly, but still couldn’t recover your lost iPhone. Are you wondering what to do now? You are doing well, because an iPhone containing your personal and sensitive data that is no longer under your control will expose you to significant risks if it falls into the wrong hands.

To avoid being unpleasantly surprised by possible loss of data or theft of information that you could have avoided, it is best to think very quickly about what to do with the contents of your device.

Admittedly, this is a delicate decision that you must make, but you must make it as soon as possible in order to avoid the worst. Because, the worst that can happen to you in your situation is not not being able to find your Apple device; far from there !

If you think the chances of finding your iPhone are very slim to none, then you better delete all of its contents from iCloud. To do this, go to your Apple phone’s activity window on the map, then select ” Erase iPhone “.

It is important that you know that this is an irreversible action. Indeed, in case of erasing the contents of your iPhone, you will not only lose all your contents, but your settings will also be deleted. As you can read on the alert message that appears on the screen when confirming your action: “An erased iPhone cannot be located or tracked”. If you are sure of your decision, then confirm it by clicking one last time on ” To erase “.

1642499358 429 My iPhone is lost how to locate it


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How to use WhatsApp Web without needing a mobile on or synchronized in 2022



Para poder utilizar Whatsapp Web cuando tu smartphone se encuentre descargado o sin internet

WhatsApp Web is the platform for computers of the WhatsApp app, and despite the fact that not everyone uses this tool either constantly or intermittently, for another large number of users it is something that turns out to be essential.

As a result of this, an option emerged that allows people to stay connected with their WhatsApp account on the computer, even if the mobile becomes unloaded or without Wi-Fi connection, which is one of the best functions that have been seen for this platform.

Now, being able to use WhatsApp offline is something that we already see in WhatsApp Beta, the desktop app for the computer that, like one of the functions that have been improving the most, It allows people to continue chatting without problem when the mobile is not connected to the internet or is downloaded.

And although this was a tool that was only available on that platform at the moment, apparently this function is already available to be used. from the WhatsApp Web page itself, so we are going to see how to connect so that the session is activated when the mobile cannot be.

Steps to use WhatsApp Web without having the mobile connected

First of all, you must take into account that not all mobiles are suitable at this time to use this function, so you will have to try it and see if it works for you. Knowing this, let’s go through the steps directly:

– Enter your mobile and access Setting.
– Click on Linked Devices or Link a device.
– Right on the screen that shows the QR code, activate the box that indicates Keep session active And that’s it, or at least this is what WhatsApp explains.

Theoretically, if you were successful, the page with your WhatsApp session will open and you will be able to use it even if your mobile is offline or downloaded, so if you are going to be inside this web tool constantly, It will surely help you on more than one occasion.


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So you can share everything others post on Instagram



compartir lo que otros publican en instagram

if you want to share posts or stories on Instagram, you can do it more easily than you imagine from the application or web itself, so we will tell you how you can share your own posts on Instagram, those of other users, your stories or those of others, as well as Reels, IGTV and do it on other social networks. Thus, it will be much easier for you to reach others by making known what interests you.

You will discover what it consists of repost of Instagram stories and how you can use it, as well as activate the possibility that other people can do it with yours. This is a functionality of the social network that allows you to share the stories of other people in yours and customize them to your liking. Discover all the ways to give greater visibility to contents of the best-known app and social network of images to other users or people who do not use the service, we will tell you about it in the next few lines.

Share on Instagram

If you want to share on your own social network, you have several possibilities at your fingertips, so we will tell you how to do it in each of them. The first thing you have to do is be in the content that interests you to show it to the people you care about. The options on both the app and the web are very similar.

own publications

If you want to share your own posts, you’ll need to go to your profile and find the one you’re interested in sharing. It can be the most recent or any other. below the post you will find, next to the comments the share arrow. If you press him, you can show it to whoever you want. You will reach a new screen where you can search for a person in your search engine or where different names appear, and you click send to whoever you want. You can also give create a group to send it to more people.

If you want post it to your story, the option will appear in it. If you give it, several customization options will appear before sending. You can mention another person or indicate your location by pressing on the photo. Above you will have options to write something, apply filters or do whatever you want before you hit publish.

share my instagram posts

Posts from other users

To do this with other people’s posts, you’ll need to go to the own publication from the home screen, the user’s profile, in the search or from wherever it appears. From there, you will also find the option to to share. You will have to choose the people you want to show it to.

Likewise, if it allows you, you can do it in your own story with the same customization options as in your publications. If it is a private account, some people may not see this content and it will not allow you to show it in your Stories.

own stories

If you want to share your own history, you must go to it and you will find the option to send to and select the person to whom you want to communicate it. You can also give plus and select to make it as a post to keep more time on your posts (instead of limiting it to 24 hours) or share on to be shared in other external services such as email, Telegram or Instagram Direct.

share own instagram stories

If you want, you can highlight your story in the option of stand out and make it display even more by choosing the name you want to give it and clicking add. It is something that will give more visibility to the Stories that you like the most or that you want to categorize.

stories of others

If you want to give it more visibility, you just have to go to the content (it will appear on the person’s profile or at the top of the page where the other Stories are). Once you do, next to send message you will see the option to to share. You can choose the person to whom you want to show the story or search if it is easier for you and hit send.

share states other people

The repost is an Instagram function through which you can repost other people’s stories as long as you have been mentioned. In this way, you will be able to republish what this person has shown by customizing the new content to your liking with some text or other customization option. You just have to, once they notify you, access history of the other person and where you put the notice of add this content to your story give it and so you can publish it adapting it to your liking.

What there is no option to post stories from other people if they haven’t mentioned you, one thing you can do in this case is make a screenshot of what interests you, edit it so that it is as you want and send it to your stories from the create option. If you act in time you will find yourself with the same option of Send on the screen after capture. If you hit it on time and select that option you will be able to select the stories option as one of the sharing options. Thus, just by making a capture and giving send you can do it. When you edit it, you can mention the person who made the original publication and customize it to your liking.

You can also resort to third-party applications that allow you this possibility, as is the case with Story Saver for Instagram. You have to download the application, register, put your data, give the content what interests you now Download. This will be stored in a gallery of the app and you can share it directly or edit it. You can find similar tools, but this is one of the best known and once you get familiar with it, it will not cost you anything to use it.

download stories

If you want someone else share your stories, when you create one, write text and mention any person (with @), so when you publish it, it will notify them and it will appear on top of the photo Add this content to your story. If you give it you can share it as you want. It is a good way to give new impressions about a certain image, situation or whatever you want.

share story mention


Reels are videos of various clips of 15 seconds that include audio, effects or other ideas that are very attractive to many users. They are in a specific section and you can view them whenever you want. You can even create your own.

If you want share reels, you just have to go to the corresponding section and select the arrow to the right of the one that interests you. There you can send it to whoever you want or add it to your story. You just have to choose the person or create a group. If you click on the 3 points that are a little further down, you can click on share on and select an external service in which you can highlight it. You can too create a remix of the Reel with your content and publish it to make it even more original.

share reels


To do the same thing on IGTV, you just have to go to the application and in the content that interests you, you can give the option to to share and select the person you want to show it to or add the video to your story (it will appear just above the names and below the search engine). If you give it, the video will appear with the possibility of removing the sound, adding Stickers, changing the background, adding text and different options to personalize. When it’s how you like it, you hit send.

Just below the share option, you can give the 3 points, share on and choose the service that interests you. After that you only have to choose the person, write the recipient or whatever corresponds and confirm so that it is sent. Thus, you can show them to whoever you want regardless of whether they use this service or not, being a good way to communicate your interests, what you like or news that catches your attention.

share igtv

Share on other social networks

Another thing you can do from Instagram is to make your content known on other social networks, such as Facebook, or even on WhatsApp statuses, so we will tell you how you can do it easily.

In WhatsApp States

if you want it to be seen your history in WhatsApp States, you will have to click on the bottom of the page to share on and select WhatsApp. From there, you’ll select My Status at the top of the page and click OK. There the publication will appear that you can customize to your liking with the WhatsApp options, putting emoticons, text or changing the background color.

To show yours in the States of WhatsApp, you will have to go to it and in the 3 configuration points you will give share on, you select WhatsApp, my status, you can choose the visibility that you will give it and then the screen will appear with the status as it would be. You can change it to your liking.

If you want to introduce the someone else’s status or post in WhatsApp you can also do it if it is public. In the states you will see it from the 3 configuration points and share on, following the steps just like in yours. It will be seen by pressing the 3 points to the same option at the top of the new small screen that you will see. You follow the same steps.

share status whatsapp instagram

On Facebook

If you want to publicize your publications in Facebook, you can give from the content itself in the 3 configuration points to post to other apps and select Facebook. On the same site, you can also share on and the news options, your groups and other Facebook options will appear. Also, in More, in Stories Settings you can activate the option. To do it with others’ posts, you will have to give the 3 points, the option to share will appear and you will give the service that interests you.

share on facebook instagram

To do this with your history in Facebook, you will only have to go to it and at the bottom of everything on the screen the Facebook icon will appear. If you give it, you can indicate where you want to share and you will finish the configuration. You can select if you want to always do it on the social network or just once. If you haven’t decided yet, hit now no. To do it with other people’s story, you will have to go to the 3 points, share on and select the social network service that interests you (news or groups).

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How To

How to see all Twitter trends in real time on your mobile device



Para aprender a ver todas las tendencias de Twitter

Twitter is one of the mobile applications where news is delivered faster, and something that helps to know what is happening in the world right now, is the distinguished section of Trends.

And it is that despite being one of the main tools of Twitter, at the moment of truth can be a bit complicated or confusing learn to use it in the correct way, and that is why this time we will teach you how to do it.

Well, if you are not a person very familiar with what Twitter is or exactly with the trends section, it remains to say that as its name indicates, they are the hashtags that are most using the users at that moment, in real time.

So if you’re already here, you’ll need to start paying a little more attention now as we’re going to walk you through the steps. to access all Twitter trends news on your mobile, so let’s go for it.

To see Twitter trends in real time on your mobile

– Enter the Twitter app and log in from your Android or iOS mobile.
– Click on the magnifying glass icon shown in the bottom bar.
– Once you are inside that window, different questions will be displayed to choose from in a small bar, which is displayed at the top, just below the Twitter search box. When you are located press on Trends.

And that’s it, a whole list of the most talked about topics of the moment will be shown to you throughout. Besides that, if you also intend to know what were the trends of other days, For example, you just have to enter this link and follow the next steps:

– Being inside the Get Day Trends site, you will have to first click on the tab that says Worldwide, located at the top left.
– Click or write the country you want to know about past trends and wait for the platform to do its job.

This would be all, and when it finishes loading the information you will see all trends from previous days, months or years about the country you chose, so you have plenty of material to research and catch up on developments.


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