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Musk announced the presentation of the updated Cybertruck



On October 21, in a report to investors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that since the first presentation of the Cybertruck armored truck in November 2019, the company has made many improvements to the design. On November 2, during a regular Q&A session with Twitter users, Musk announced that the presentation of an improved version of Cybertruck will take place in “a month or so.”

Elon Musk did not go into details, confining himself to the fact that the team, led by chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, made many small, but at the same time very significant improvements to the original design of Cybertruck.

Musk previously spoke of his intention to update the Cybertruck’s adaptive air suspension, as well as to make the production pickup a bit more compact. However, the idea to slightly reduce the Cybertruck so that the car could fit in a standard garage was eventually abandoned, as is known. Recall that the Cybertruck prototype presented a year ago has dimensions of 5.9×2.03×1.9 m, the front overhang angle is up to 35 degrees, the rear overhang angle is 28 degrees and the ground clearance is about 0.4 m.

The CEO also announced plans to make the side window designs “more symmetrical” and “lower the sill height.”

Recently, designer Pablo Cubarle created a render showing the allegedly redesigned Cybertruck.


In total, three versions of the Tesla Cybertruck are planned, differing in the number of engines – one, two and three (basic – rear-wheel drive, middle and top-end – all-wheel drive), and a cruising range on a single charge – 250 miles (400 kilometers), 300 miles (480 kilometers) and 500 miles (800 kilometers) respectively. The first will be more expensive versions with two ($ 49,900) and three motors ($ 69,900), and the “people’s” Cybertruck ($ 39,900) will be released later.


The first deliveries of Cybertruck armored trucks are planned for the end of 2021, but mass sales will start only in 2022. In February of this year, Musk said that Tesla was backed by orders for Cybertruck for three to four years in advance, and analysts reported in the summer that the volume of pre-orders for Cybertruck exceeded 650 thousand units.

Earlier, Elon Musk also admitted the possibility of releasing a smaller version of the Tesla Cybertruck for Europe and turning the Tesla Cybertruck into an amphibious vehicle.

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