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Mozilla has released new Firefox with improvements and Alpenglow theme




The Mozilla team has announced the release of Firefox 81. The latest version of the proprietary browser contains many new features, including audio and video control from the keyboard or headset, a new browser theme called Alpenglow, and credit card autofill in the US and Canada.

With the ability to pause and play audio and video in Firefox from your keyboard or headset, you can now easily control media content in your browser, even when you’re on another Firefox tab or program.

Another great feature in Firefox 81 is AcroForm support, which will let you fill out, print and save supported PDF forms. In addition to this, Mozilla has also updated the PDF viewer.

Active visitors to online stores in the US and Canada will appreciate the ability to save, manage and automatically fill in credit and debit card information when shopping online. It is hoped that the new feature will soon be available to users around the world.

In addition, Mozilla has added a purple and pink theme to its browser called Alpenglow. She complemented the standard, light and dark themes.


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