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Mouse for computer and smartphone, which is put on the finger



Remember the hackers from retro movies who traveled cyberspace with the movements of their fingers, wearing special gloves? Very soon, something like this may become a reality.

Kickstarter completes a fundraising campaign for a gadget called Snowl… The device with a small touchpad and position sensor fits on your finger using a small ring and allows you to control your smartphone, tablet or laptop with simple hand movements.

The gadget connects to a controlled device via Bluetooth and supports three modes of operation – a miniature wireless touchpad, a mouse with gesture control and a joystick.

For the latter, it must be installed in a special docking station, which is also a charger.

A wide variety of applications are possible – from replacing the mouse while traveling to completely different control in mobile (and not only) games.

It will be possible to abandon the inconvenient touchscreen in the same mobile “cold”, or PUBG, without carrying a controller with you.

In addition, gesture control will allow increase physical activity… Almost like Nintendo Switch’s Joy-con, but much more versatile.

Compatibility with PCs and major mobile platforms is declared.

Kickstarter $ 10K Target Exceeded almost 15 times… The start of deliveries of the device is planned for March 2021, there is delivery around the world.

The minimum fee to get a sample is $ 99. Plus another $ 15 for shipping to Russia.

For this money, you will receive the gadget itself, the charger, as well as as many as seven rings for putting on your finger – metal (Kickstarter exclusive), and three each of white and black silicone.

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