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Motorola has changed the way the Razr 5G is packed



Foldable smartphones with flexible displays are something really interesting and impressive in their functionality and appearance, however, for the most part, manufacturers of such devices, dazzled by their attractive design, cannot forget about the need to properly protect them during transportation to the direct buyer. This is exactly the situation that happened with the first batches of foldable Motorola Razr 5G smartphones from the manufacturer of the same name, since he and Amazon, which is the official and main distributor of the device, decided to deliver the device in a box in an open, full form.

Of course, when the user himself opens the box and sees a fully open device with a foldable display, he cannot help but be surprised at the extremely attractive and alluring technical design of the product, which was originally intended by Motorola. However, after analyzing the average rejection rate of the Razr 5 G during shipping, the company quickly realized that the device should be more effectively protected during shipping, which led to the decision to re-market it.

Now Motorola, together with Amazon, have developed a new design for the box for the Razr 5G, inside which the device itself rests, but already closed – yes, this view when opening the box, although it cannot be called anything impressive, still allows the end user and, most importantly, Motorola should not worry about its safety while traveling to the customer. So Motorola has a truly unique choice.

The Motorola Razr 5G device itself turned out to be really interesting, both in terms of its technical design and the appearance of individual body elements, as well as some internal characteristics that clearly indicate that this is a flagship and productive device. For now, it remains to wait for more or less detailed user feedback regarding how much the change in the box and the folding form factor inside has affected the overall degree of security, but most likely, the result is pretty obvious.

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