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More than half of smartphones with flexible OLED screens will sell in 2021 … Apple



The smartphone market is expected to recover next year. The new forecast says that Apple will ship more than half of all smartphones with flexible OLED screens next year. This is a bold guess considering Apple just switched to flat OLED screens this year in all new iPhone 12s.

According to TheElec, citing research firm Stone Partners, 1.39 billion smartphones will be shipped in 2021 and 1.265 billion units in 2020. Among them there will be 793 and 597 million smartphones with LCD and OLED screens, respectively. The latter category will include rigid and flexible OLED screens.

The report also says that about 315 million smartphones will use flexible OLED panels next year. This is 52% more than the 207 million expected this year. Apple will reportedly ship 160 million OLED iPhones in 2021. This is 80% more than the 90 million previously predicted. It is also more than half of the total supply of flexible OLED smartphones for the next year.

As a result, shipments of flexible OLED displays will surpass shipments of rigid OLEDs for the first time next year.

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