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More than half of humanity is on social networks and uses mobile



The number of social media users surpasses 4 billion for the first time

We Are Social has partnered with Hootsuite to release the Digital 2020 October Global Statshot Report, which contains many interesting statistics.

In particular, it is noted that more than 4 billion people (4.14 billion) worldwide use one or another social media resource at least once a month. On average, about 2 million new users join them every day. This figure for the first time exceeded the milestone of 4 billion in the current quarter.

More than half of humanity is on social media and uses mobile

For comparison, the same report indicates the current population of the Earth – 7.81 billion people. Thus, in October, the penetration of social networks reached 53%.

The number of people using mobile phones was 5.2 billion, and the amount of the Internet was 4.6 billion – 67% and almost 60% of the world’s population, respectively.

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