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Mokibo Folio keyboard for tablets combines keys with trackpad

by Henry Brown


Kickstarter finishes fundraising for a keyboard cover designed for tablets. A distinctive feature of the product called Mokibo Folio is the alignment of the right side of the keyboard with the trackpad. More precisely, the corresponding sensor is located under the keys, so you need to move your hands over the keys to control the cursor. This arrangement allowed the trackpad to be large without taking up space from the keyboard. This allows the algorithm to automatically recognize when keyboard input is being made and when input is made using the trackpad. The trackpad recognizes common gestures.

The key travel with pantographic mechanics is 1.3-1.5 mm, and the thickness of the entire product is 7.6 mm. The release of three versions of the Mokibo Folio is planned. The first is designed specifically for the Apple iPad Pro tablet with a 12.9-inch screen. It has a 160 cm touch area2 and weighs 490 g. The second version is optimal for the Apple iPad Pro tablet with a screen size of 11 inches. Her area of ​​the sensory area is 147 cm2… This version weighs 410 g. The third version is universal and is suitable for several generations of Apple tablets and tablets from other manufacturers running Android and Windows. It features a 147 cm sensor area2 and weighs 330 g.

Contributions to qualify for a keyboard start at $ 89. Expecting to raise $ 20,000, the project sponsors raised over $ 175,000. They promise to start shipping keyboards in November this year.


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