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MIUI 12 problems don’t end there: Xiaomi and Poco Android 11 users complain about “square” bubbles



Users of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones with MIUI 12 / 12.5 proprietary shell based on the Android 11 operating system faced a strange problem.

Typical “Bubbles” of Android 11 notifications in messaging applications (Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.) for some reason turn out to be “square”, and sometimes, which is much more unpleasant – they cannot be found on the screen or only ” minimized ”alert icon that does not fire when clicked.

MIUI 12 problems don't end there: Xiaomi and Poco Android 11 users complain about “square” bubbles

There are also complaints about the messenger window being too compact – only one third of the screen, so that nothing is visible behind the on-screen keyboard, or the keyboard completely overlaps the input field.

As it turns out, the Xiaomi development team is already aware of this issue and is working on a fix.

Earlier, Xiaomi representatives reported that Android 11 turned out to be one of the most problematic OS in recent years. Also, Xiaomi has already promised to rid the global version of MIUI from critical errors and bugs in response to a petition from angry users.

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Obsession or Caring? Controversial Windows 10 update tests Windows 11 readiness PCs



Microsoft has begun distributing the controversial Windows 10 operating system update KB5005463. It is not required or essential, but it can be downloaded and installed automatically via Windows Update.

The main task of the KB5005463 update is to help users prepare their devices for the transition to the new operating system, Windows 11.

Windows 11 is not automatically distributed at this time. And while users needed to download and install the PC Health Check Tool, which allows you to evaluate the performance of your PC and answer the question whether the computer is suitable for installing Windows 11, the system requirements of which are quite strict and strict.

Until now, Microsoft has only offered this PC health check tool through its DIY website. Now the situation has changed – the KB5005463 update automatically downloads and installs the application.

This decision caused a controversial reaction on the network. Some people think that the automatic installation of the PC Health Check Tool is a manifestation of concern on the part of Microsoft. Because it will provide users with useful information about any potential issues with Windows 11 so that their computers are ready by the time Windows 11 begins to roll out.

Others see Microsoft’s actions as too intrusive. Especially for those users who already know that their PC is incompatible with Windows 11, or simply do not want to upgrade to a new OS.

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New Microsoft Defender for Windows 11 spotted on the web



The recently released operating system Windows 11 has a lot of new features and should receive a few upcoming changes as well. It is reported that Windows 11 will receive a new antivirus Microsoft Defender or Windows Defender.

The source says the new Microsoft Defender is currently in preview, with the code-named GibraltarApp being codenamed. In the new version of Microsoft Defender, the company plans to offer users “simple, convenient and personalized protection.”

Microsoft has said that since the announcement of Windows 11, the company has taken the security aspect of the new operating system very seriously. The current version of Microsoft Defender in Windows 11 is the same as in Windows 10, but it causes problems for some users in Windows 11. Therefore, it seems logical to release an improved and patched version of Windows Defender.

It is not yet known when the Microsoft Defender preview will be available to users. As usual, Insiders will be the first to try the update.

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All new smartphones with Android 12 support transferring chats and media to WhatsApp from iPhone



For several weeks now, WhatsApp users have been able to transfer their message history from iPhone to Samsung smartphones, and now this feature has also appeared on Google Pixel smartphones.

What’s more, Google has stated that any new phone that runs Android 12 will support this feature.

Transferring message history works quite simply. All you need is a Lightning to USB-C cable. You connect your Android smartphone to your iPhone using it, and then scan the QR code on your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and transfer all your conversations, media, and other data to your Android smartphone.

Data is transferred securely between phones. Google says it is working closely with WhatsApp to provide security. No one else will ever be able to access your information and files. The chat history will simply be copied from the iPhone to the Pixel, and during the transfer, the iPhone will no longer be able to receive new messages.

The feature is expected to be available on previously released smartphones from other manufacturers as soon as the Android 12 update is released.

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