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MIT scientists have created an unusual chip that erases the memory of devices




Material engineering specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology today presented a rather unique development that allows you to quickly and seamlessly erase the memory of almost any electronic device to which it is attached – the development looks like a mini-chip made of a special polymer composition with a high level of resistance to various damages and quite good conductive electricity. In particular, the development team decided to create something like a chip, which is in the form of a thin layer, which, among other things, can perfectly store and transfer heat.

It is worth noting the fact that such a concept as a chip that erases the electronic memory of a device requires the use of separate smart algorithms for this, which makes the new development much more interesting and unusual in comparison with many others. First of all, the development team sought to provide potential users with a device that allows them to quickly deactivate a third-party gadget if the user receives information that it was used by someone else or in conjunction with other systems.

In addition, the experts pointed out the important fact that they will most likely have to revise individual components of this chip in the future, since the use of polymers in combination with azobenzene is not a suitable moment in the long term. In addition, it became known that this chip has the ability to further upgrade by adding an additional layer of polymers.

So far, we can only guess in which direction this development will go, but its main potential remains in fact obvious – in the future, the development team plans to give its chip a more complete look with respect to the main functionality. As such, the team continues to work towards improving this aspect, not to mention that it may be making some other concurrent changes to its development, although this is still something to speculate about.


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