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Microsoft will allow its employees to work from home on a full-time basis

by Henry Brown


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, at the very beginning, the world’s leading tech companies announced that they were allowing their employees to work remotely. However, this is allowed with one small caveat – companies are allowed to work remotely only until the threat of COVID-19 ceases to exist. Nevertheless, up to this point, the leader in terms of time allocated to work from home was the corporation Facebook, which allowed its employees to work from home. However, the company did not retain its leadership for a long time, because now Microsoft Corporation is in the first place.

The fact is that this tech giant has officially announced that it will now allow many of its employees to work from home on a full-time basis. One way or another, the usual offices of the company will still be open, and some employees will still have to return to them. But in any case, now the vast majority of Microsoft employees still work from home, and many of them will gladly want to stay in this “work environment”. Be that as it may, Microsoft is now also preparing for a near-complete reopening of its offices, in connection with which the company also provided an internal guide to the “hybrid workplace”, which will be designed to provide much more flexibility for individual employees.

Microsoft now allows its employees to choose. They can either work freely from home, but also visit the office, 50/50, or even stay at a remote work. It is known that the latter option has already been fertilized in relation to all the managers of the tech giant. Microsoft’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Kathleen Hogan, wrote in a special letter to employees: “The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all think, live and work in new ways. We are going to offer the maximum level of flexibility to support the individual work styles of each individual employee, while balancing the needs of the business and ensuring that our culture and corporate rules are respected. ”

To decide whether a particular employee can go to permanent remote work or not, there will be a special commission that analyzes how much a person’s role is necessary and important for Microsoft, and whether he can fully work from home. And if no contradictions arise, then the employee can never visit the company’s offices again, while working for it.

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