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Microsoft was defeated in a new field. Surface Duo has serious issues




Microsoft recently unveiled the highly anticipated Surface Duo smartphone with two displays and the Android operating system. Despite the fact that the device was tested in the JerryRigEverything laboratory, later it was reported that the frame around the charging connector often cracks. However, the Surface Duo’s problems don’t end there.

Current issues include weak signal and high latency, according to user feedback in the official Microsoft support community. Moreover, problems will arise regardless of incoming or outgoing calls.

Signal problems are often related to location and bandwidth settings. Reconfiguring network settings can improve signal strength, but there are also users who claim that problems persist even after changing the settings.

At the moment, Microsoft has not officially commented on this issue. Users can try to manually reset the LAN settings to temporarily fix the signal problem. It is hoped that this problem is of a software nature and will be fixed in future firmwares.


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