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Microsoft unveils Xbox Series S: next-gen console for $ 300 without floppy drive and probably weaker than Xbox One X




After a big leak, Microsoft decided to officially unveil the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S is almost here

Microsoft started talking about the budget console two years ago, and now the Xbox Series S is officially disclosed. Microsoft set the price at $ 300, and according to Windows Central, the console will be part of the Xbox All Access program, which allows you to get some kind of credit. For $ 25 a month, the user gets the Xbox itself and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription with hundreds of games and access to multiplayer. In turn, Xbox Series X, according to the publication, will cost $ 500, and according to the program Xbox All Access will be available for $ 35 per month.

Microsoft has held back the details for the future, but a WalkingCat insider showed a clipping from what was likely a presentation video. In the video, the console is compared with the older Xbox Series X, and you can notice how much smaller the budget Xbox is. Besides form factor and the location of the logo indicate that the console is designed for use in a horizontal position.

The lack of a drive also stands out, but that’s not the only simplification. According to The Verge, the Series S has a capacity of approximately 4 teraflops, which is even less than the One X with its 6 teraflops. Nevertheless, the publication notes that the budget Xbox will be more productive due to the SSD and the Series X processor. In fact, the console will be able to run the next generation of games, but without 4K.

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