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Microsoft Surface Duo – this is what a foldable smartphone looks like at work (video)




Lately, there have been many critical comments on the web regarding the specifications and cameras of the Surface Duo smartphone. Should you trust them? We have a video so that everyone can make their own opinion on this matter.

The Surface Duo is a smartphone with an 11 MP lens, f / 2.0, 1.0 μm aperture and 84.0 ° angle. Among the camera functions we find in particular HDR and dynamic frame processing. To this are added artificial intelligence technologies, as well as portrait mode with the ability to adjust the depth, shooting panoramas and similar capabilities. That is, it is the standard of modern smartphone cameras.

Although the Sufrace Duo will go on sale on September 10, it is already on stands in AT&T stores. Customers can watch and try it. This was done by a YouTube user under the pseudonym josher14. In the video below, he shares his impressions. It should be noted, however, that the device visible in the video works offline – and when you upload photos to web pages, they are compressed and have a slightly poorer quality. But if you move photos to your computer or laptop, it doesn’t really matter.

Sure, the Surface Duo’s camera is far from what other flagships offer, but it doesn’t look bad. Microsoft itself describes the Duo as a device for mobile productivity, that is, it does not rely on multimedia. How will this happen in practice? We’ll see when it goes on sale and feedback from users themselves begins to appear.


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