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Microsoft starts advertising Edge in Windows 10 internal search




A few days ago it became known that advertisements for the new Microsoft Edge browser began to appear in the Settings menu of the Windows 10 operating system. It turned out that the developers did not stop there and went further, adding their Internet browser advertisements to the internal search of the software platform.

Microsoft first announced its intention to abandon its old Edge browser and switch to the Chromium engine at the end of 2018. Apparently, this step was the right one, since the new Edge, which began distribution earlier this year, has already become quite popular, pushing out many competitors. Statistics show that the new Edge is currently the second most popular desktop browser in the world, second only to the recognized market leader Google Chrome.

Obviously, active advertising played an important role in ensuring that Edge managed to gain popularity in a short time period. A new banner calling to use Edge as the default browser has appeared in Windows 10 Search. It appears at the top of the window and contains an Apply button, after clicking which Edge will become the default browser, and the advertising message in the search will cease to appear. If the user uses the Settings app and selects a third-party solution like Chrome or Firefox as the default web browser, then after a while, Edge ads will appear in search again.

The banners that have appeared in Windows 10 are not annoying, but they indicate that Microsoft is not yet ready to abandon the aggressive advertising campaign aimed at promoting Edge.


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