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Microsoft spoke about the principles of monetization of its platforms

by Henry Brown


For more than a month, everyone has been actively discussing the conflict that erupted between Apple and Epic Games. Because of Apple’s desire to retain commission for microtransactions and refusal to implement its own payment systems, many have taken up arms against the Apple corporation. What’s more, Apple’s credibility in the eyes of some has been eroded by the tech giant’s removal of the Fortnite game from its store – a cause of contention.

After that, many began to worry about the fact that all companies, from Google to Microsoft, would eventually want to get rid of competitors in the same way in order to keep more commission on payments made through applications. However, no. Fortunately, this does not happen. Moreover, in order to reassure its fans and developers alike, Microsoft Corporation has suddenly published 10 new principles, which it takes as a kind of promise.

The promise is that the tech giant won’t block competing stores on its platforms, or block certain business models that an app can use to make money, thereby depriving itself of potential income. It is also worth noting that the new principles also prescribe that Microsoft adheres to its own applications exactly the same standards and requirements that apply to all other competing applications and services. But what is the most important thing for many developers is that the corporation has officially declared that it will not block Windows applications because the developer decides to choose, for example, a third-party payment system inside its own application, bypassing Microsoft.

In fact, all of these newly minted principles are a clear and understandable answer to the modern problems of app stores that they have faced recently. Many developers lately are simply not sure what to expect in the very near future, since the situation with Apple and Epic Games is extremely indicative. But one way or another, in any case, now developers of applications for Windows and other systems from Microsoft can rest easy. They will not be given a choice – either pay or leave.


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