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Microsoft reacts to giant Windows source code leak




Microsoft has finally responded to a giant leak of source code for older versions of Windows and even MS DOS.

In total, 43 GB of information was leaked to the network, which concerns platforms such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, MS DOS 3.30, MS DOS 6.0, Windows 2000, Windows CE 3, Windows CE 4, Windows CE 5, Windows Embedded 7, Windows Embedded CE. Windows NT 3.5 and Windows NT 4.

Enthusiasts have already taken advantage of the opportunity to find all sorts of previously unknown nuances, including the never-publicized Windows XP themes, one of which makes the OS look like a Mac.

Microsoft initially did not comment on the situation. However, the famous American columnist Paul Thurrott managed to get a response from a company representative: “We are investigating what happened.”

Although Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are very old operating systems, the full source code leak poses a serious security hole. Indeed, even modern Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows 10, use some code that has not changed since Windows XP. This can be exploited by attackers.


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