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Microsoft quietly shoved Office applications to Windows 10 users



Microsoft “Pleased” Windows 10 users with the next update. It adds Office applications to computers without demand.

It is known that the basic versions of Office programs are already preinstalled on Windows 10 computers, but Microsoft is striving to attract users to paid products with advanced features.


The latest patch is a step in this direction. Once installed, shortcuts appear in the start menu to quickly navigate to the web versions of Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Full use of these versions of the Office apps requires a Microsoft 365 subscription.

According to IT experts, shortcuts appear after installing an updated version of the Edge browser (this update is installed without the user’s knowledge and knocks a number of settings on the computer for the sake of Microsoft products). Fortunately, the shortcuts can be removed, it only takes a few seconds.

Microsoft is conducting this experience on users of experimental builds of Windows 10 as part of the Windows Insider program, but office shortcuts have also appeared on computers with the release version of the operating system. Obviously, Microsoft is now assessing how effective this method of promoting paid office products is.

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