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Microsoft makes it easy to access emails in Outlook from your mobile



If you are one of those who forget passwords, it will help you to have the new dynamics that Microsoft is implementing for Outlook.

So that you don’t have to type your password over and over again when you want to access Outlook from your mobile, you can use this new option.

New option to log into Microsoft Outlook from mobile

Microsoft is facilitating a new dynamic for users to log into Outlook from iOS or Android. And no, you will not have to install any extra applications. The only detail to keep in mind is that you need to have the web version of Outlook open to implement this option.

With your Outlook account open in the web browser, look for the “QR connection” option that you will find on the top bar. Once you do this, Microsoft will ask you to open the Outlook app on your mobile and scan the QR code.

On your mobile, click on “Add account” and select the QR icon to enable the option to “scan the code” that you see in the web version. And once you finish with all the steps you will have already logged into Outlook. It is the same dynamic that you use when you want to log into WhatsApp web, but in reverse.

So if you want to go from the web version of Outlook to the mobile application, you can use the QR code to make the login easier. And of course, it is added as one of the options offered by Microsoft to log in with alternative methods and without depending on passwords.

This new option seems to be rolling out to all users with free Outlook on the web accounts, so you may already have it available.

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Google starts testing Android games on Windows



A few months ago, the Google team announced that Play Games would be coming to Windows 11 in 2022. Yes, all the dynamics of Google Play games available in Windows to play on our PCs.

A little over a month has passed since that news, and there are already news about it. Google is launching a beta version of Play Games for PC in select markets.

Google Play Games brings Android games to Windows

The Google team is already beginning to test the dynamics of Google PlayGames on Windows. At the moment, it is a beta version available only for Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Users will be able to register on the waiting list and Google will send invitations progressively.

Users participating in the beta version can play a catalog of games from Google Play on their Windows PC through a separate application created by Google. We are pleased to announce that some of the world’s most popular mobile games will be available at launch.

Although the entire catalog will not be available in this first stage, users will find titles such as Three Kingdoms Tactics, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, Summoners War, among others.

So users will be able to download their favorite mobile games to play them from PC. This will not only allow you to play on a larger screen with optimized graphics, but also have more control over the dynamics of the game.

And of course, your game library and progress will be synced across devices just by using the same Google Play Games profile. And a detail that Google hasn’t forgotten is the Play Points, since users can also earn them for their activity in Play Games from the PC. So they will be able to accumulate and redeem them on the PC following the same dynamics that we know on the mobile.


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Electric Cars

For the first time after three years of decline, the Chinese car market has grown: 5 million cars will be sold this year on new energy sources



According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), sales of passenger cars in China increased by 7.1% in 2021 and amounted to 21 million 408 thousand units.

At the same time, the Chinese market recorded a drop in sales for three years in a row. The automobile market of China remains the largest in the world all these years. According to the forecast of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2022, sales may increase by 5.4%, and sales of cars powered by new energy sources will grow by almost 1.5 times and reach 5 million units.

For the first time after three years of decline, the Chinese car market has grown: 5 million cars will be sold this year on new energy sources

The Chinese authorities at the federal and regional levels are taking measures to stimulate demand for cars, both through the removal of previously existing restrictions on the market, and through subsidies for the purchase of cars.

At the same time, the shortage of microcircuits may have a negative impact on the activities of a number of Chinese automobile companies.


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Twitter communities are now available on Android



Twitter communities will no longer be exclusive to iOS users, or to be consulted only from the web, since they are now extended to Android.

So you will be able to join or participate in a Twitter community from your Android device without problems.

Twitter communities come to Android

A few months ago, the team at Twitter launched the Communities. A new space within the platform that allows users to create thematic groups based on their interests. Yes, following a similar dynamic to Facebook groups.

In a first stage, Twitter added support on iOS and its web version for Communities, leaving Android users out. A dynamic that is already changing, since as the Twitter team mentions, Communities are now coming to Android.

The only requirement is to have the latest version of the Twitter app. So you can search Twitter, from your Android device, for groups related to the topics that interest you and participate in the communities.

While access to communities is by invitation from moderators, admins, or members, Twitter mentions a few communities with open memberships that you may want to consider. You will find communities about design, fashion, Xbox, among other interests.

As for creating our own community, it’s not that easy yet. At the moment, it is only possible to suggest a topic that we would like to moderate and wait for Twitter’s approval. Let us remember that he is preparing a series of novelties for the communities.

For example, plan a new way to enter communities, beyond invitations or public access. You want an option where users can “request to join” for admins to approve or not.

And they are also working on new dynamics to display the content that is shared in the communities, for example, to highlight certain publications, among other details.


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