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Microsoft is pushing more aggressively new Control Panel in Windows 10



Microsoft continues to actively experiment with various options for tweaking and optimizing Windows applications and services – including system services, which are the most important component in the smooth operation of the system as a whole. So today it became known that in future updates Microsoft will strive to guide its users not along the path of using the standard and long-established traditional control panel, but along the path of using the new version of Windows 10 Settings App, which is a collection of all system settings in a single settings control box.

Of course, the classic control panel for system and hardware settings is a slightly more convenient option for managing settings, and in general, one cannot help but notice that the vast majority of experienced users in one way or another first climb there to change something – however, in new updates for their operating system systems, Microsoft will begin to actively work on redesigning the user interface and functional enlargement of the new Settings App to retrain users in a new way.

It becomes clear that not all users will be equally hospitable and willing to meet such changes, especially since the developers from Microsoft are very specifically aimed at completely eradicating the old control panel in future editions of Windows 10. This part of the news can no longer but cause some irritation and misunderstanding, since the user experience on Windows 10 speaks of the opposite trend.

In any case, it is not yet clear exactly how Microsoft intends to integrate this mandatory transition from the classic Windows Settings Control Panel to the new Windows 10 Settings App, but it can be assumed that it is unlikely to sit idly by. Windows 10 as an operating system has recently become more and more unusual in terms of its functionality, and therefore most likely can offer a fairly limited set of logic in this sense.

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