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Microsoft claims Xbox Series X gets roughly the same temperature as Xbox One X




It looks like the rumors of a very hot Xbox Series X were false. Recall that at least two reviews appeared on the Web that the new Microsoft console is too hot.

However, one of them has already been removed, and its author allegedly does not work where it was said, and the second review was somewhat exaggerated, although the journalist really noted a noticeable heating of the set-top box, which for some reason some do not mention.

Now Microsoft itself has spoken. Xbox marketer Aaron Greenberg said everything was within the normal range.

Our engineering team has confirmed that the heat leaving the console is not much different from that of the Xbox One X

Simply put, the new console heats up about the same as the old one, but still, perhaps, a little stronger. Considering that there are no other reviews on the topic of heating the console yet, it is hoped that if the test specimens had any problems, the serial ones will not have them.

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