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Microsoft and Samsung are preparing the integration of web applications into their devices




Today, there is quite promising information that Microsoft has decided to even more closely integrate support for new algorithms and technologies for web applications and related types of software – and the company wants to do this in conjunction with its partner Samsung, which has become interesting and unusual lately, as it is also actively promoting the concept of such applications for its family of foldable smartphones. The fact is that both companies decided to mutually help each other and to engage in joint integration of algorithms that will work on both the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Surface Duo.

Despite the fact that Microsoft and Samsung have their own approaches to business in one way or another, it becomes clear that each will definitely achieve success in this field, because previously both concerned the topic of web applications and related platforms. Of course, the upcoming Surface Duo flagship model from Microsoft cannot fully be called a foldable device with a flexible display, since it has two separate physical displays, but at the same time it can claim full support for new technologies of the Chromium platform, which, by the way , most actively integrates and tests various variants of web applications.

As for Samsung, it prefers to learn from the mistakes and achievements of Microsoft for now, saying only that it will definitely begin large-scale testing of web applications for its devices by the end of this year. However, it can be assumed that in the end, each of the two companies will go their own way in the direction of a better strategy.

Microsoft is something really interesting in terms of preparing and delivering web applications – however, it’s safe to say that Samsung will have alternative plans for properly allocating its current projects to teams, since adapting and optimizing web applications is really not an easy task. So it remains to be guided by more or less authoritative news sources regarding the intentions of Microsoft and Samsung.

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