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Meteorologists have announced the negative property of 5G




People are afraid of everything new. The fifth generation of mobile networks was no exception. Riots in Switzerland, massive protests around the world, base station burnings, fake news and pseudoscientific claims – all of this and much more has hit the new technology. As it turns out, this is far from all: according to some researchers, 5G affects the accuracy of weather forecasts.

It just so happened that the launch of 5G coincided with the coronavirus epidemic. Many succumbed to general hysteria, blaming the Internet and technology for everything. In some countries, pensioners reached out to protest actions, somewhere more active comrades got down to business, who even spoiled the transmitters. This time, those who give us daily weather forecasts decided to express their point of view.

The study was voiced at the IEEE 5G World Forum 2020. Computer simulations were used to determine the impact of 5G on the accuracy of weather forecasts. Meteorologists believe that signals from 5G frequency bands could potentially leak into the band used by weather sensors on satellites that measure the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.


The experiment showed that fifth-generation networks reduce the accuracy of precipitation forecast by about 0.9 millimeters and the determination of temperature near the earth by about 2.34 degrees Fahrenheit. For many, this error may seem insignificant, but not for meteorologists.

“Our study is the first to attempt to quantify the impact of 5G on forecasting. It can be argued that the magnitude of the error found in our study is negligible or significant, depending on whether you are from the 5G community or the meteorological community, ”the scientists say.

Summing up, we can conclude that there is no exact data on this score. The researchers themselves are confident that it is necessary to pay more attention to this issue, including creating more detailed computer models. It is also worth considering improving the weather forecasting algorithms.

Source: eurekalert


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