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MetaSoccer, when soccer meets the metaverse



In the technology sector, we have been hearing about Blockchain-based projects for years and about all the good things that this way of storing records can offer. We have seen it in supermarkets, in transport companies, in the world of cryptocurrencies… and now we see it in football.

Metasoccer was born a few months ago presenting itself as a football universe in the blockchain, a place where we can have our own club and win with it.

We read some news about them in 2021, when the video game studio Champion Games He presented it as a play-to-earn NFT project. They were born in Barcelona, ​​and raised 2 million euros in a round of financing supported by the Play Ventures investment fund. They also have advice from companies such as ATH21 and Polygon, and international funds Play Ventures, DeFiance Capital, ParaFi Capital (fund specializing in crypto) and others have entered.

In short: there is money, and the project promises.

Who will be able to play in MetaSoccer

The video shows how you can buy the MetaSoccer Token, and in this article details count.

Although the idea is to attract the attention of gamers who play to win and football fans who want to take their first steps in the metaverse, logically the first interested parties will be crypto investor gamers, but over time this “cryptoinvestment” will be so common that anyone can do it without having much knowledge of technology.

Patxi Barrios is co-founder and COO, and he commented months ago that they want to create a new generation of digital native soccer players and clubs. MetaSoccer may be the first of many.

MetaSoccer in 2022, the key year

During this 2022 they want to develop the game by hiring specialized profiles, and they will carry out marketing campaigns to target the football sector, the fans who may be interested in being the first users. If we put gamers together with football fans, we have billions of potential customers from more than 200 countries, and many of them are used to investing money in the subject with various sports bets. It is estimated that before the end of 2022, they will already have 500,000 users.

In these first months we will have the possibility to train players, their aging will be activated, we will have friendly matches, player loans and the game mode of the youth Scouts. Later, starting in the third quarter, multiple teams per club, division of owner and administrator roles, 2D match simulation, career mode tournaments, stadium ticket revenue, stadium rentals, the betting platform and the transmission of matches.

How to make money with MetaSoccer

The players will be the owners of the teams, stadiums, players and other elements of the game, and the transactions are made with the MetaSoccer Universe (MSU) token.

on your website it is already possible to see some acquisitions, and in opensea there are complete lists of players.


From there they will be able to create and manage teams, generating money by selling players, renting stadiums and performing the actions that real teams do on a daily basis. We will be able to train the players, always keeping in mind that they age, as in reality, and that they retire after a few years.

comment on the referent that MetaSoccer has already sold 72 million MSU in a private pre-sale and 18 million in a public pre-sale, so the money has started to move.


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Word of mouth in action: Tesla does not spend money on advertising, car owners do it for her



Tesla has posted on Chinese social media that its ad spend is almost zero. Customers are asked to remember the last time they saw a Tesla ad on billboards, in banner ads on websites, or on television.

Tesla claims that it deliberately does not advertise its vehicles, relying only on word of mouth. We are talking about the free and voluntary distribution of information about Tesla cars from satisfied users to their friends, acquaintances and Internet users around the world.

Earlier, Elon Musk said: “We will focus on improving the performance and quality of Tesla products. We believe that the best way to sell products is to allow users themselves to spread the word about them.”

Word of mouth in action: Tesla does not spend money on advertising, car owners do it for her

In addition, Tesla noted that the cost of most vehicles on the market is made up of manufacturing costs, component costs, research and development costs, and quite a lot of marketing costs. At the same time, Tesla considers it unreasonable that car owners should pay for their advertising.

According to Tesla, when a product is really good, people themselves will actively recommend it. Therefore, the company focused on research and development, as well as increasing the pace of production.

The direct selling model allows for interaction with customers, allowing consumers to learn more about a car from Tesla product experts before making a decision to buy a car.


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WhatsApp improves voice notes with this novelty



Voice or audio messages on WhatsApp are increasingly used by everyone. They are the ideal alternative if you are in a hurry and you can’t start writing at that moment or the perfect solution for those who have difficulties when typing with the mobile keyboard. However, sometimes those audio messages are endless and WhatsApp is improving the features available for the audio notes that we send through the instant messaging app.

With the arrival of WhatsApp audios came a new world of possibilities. Many people no longer write messages and respond at all times by audio, to the point that it was becoming hell for many. There are those who hate sending audios on WhatsApp and those who tell you their life in verse with endless messages that exceed ten minutes or more. To solve this inconvenience, WhatsApp enabled the possibility of speed up audio to save time and be able to listen to messages faster. Options are 1x normal speed, 1.5x speed increased by 50%, and 2x double playback speed. Now WhatsApp is implementing another very useful feature related to voice recordings.

Pause and resume WhatsApp audios

WhatsApp is implementing a very useful feature for users of the app in its web/desktop version: the possibility of pausing and resuming the audios that they send us. When the instant messaging app launched the download option for the official WhatsApp Desktop beta program, it also included the possibility of listen to the voice audios before sending them. Users will now also be able to pause and resume voice recordings.

whatsapp audio pause button

As you can see in the screenshot, there is a new pause button (in the previous version there was a stop icon) that allows you to pause the voice memo. Audio can now be heard before sending, deleting, or resuming recording.

An improvement that is already available in WhatsApp for iOS, WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2201.2 and that will soon be available in WhatsApp beta for Android. Since this new feature has been rolled out to some beta users, it may take some time before it can be enabled on your WhatsApp account. On the other hand, WhatsApp continues to work on improving voice notes by developing a new feature that will allow you to listen to the audio, even if you are not in the conversation. In this case we still do not know the exact date on which it will be available. What do you think of this new improvement of the voice notes that WhatsApp has added?

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Xiaomi 12 Pro is a temporary top. Xiaomi top manager hinted at the imminent release of the super-flagship



Wang Teng Thomas, who until recently led the development of new Xiaomi smartphones, published a note on Weibo that hints at the imminent appearance of a super-flagship – a model that will be one step higher than Xiaomi 12 Pro. And a special emphasis in it will be placed on the camera.

Xiaomi 12 Pro is a temporary top.  Xiaomi top manager hinted at the imminent release of the super-flagship

The top manager published a photo of an XL mug (Big Cup XL) – and this is a reference to the previous Xiaomi code designations that were used in the Mi 11 line: Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro appeared under the code name Big Cup, and Mi 11 Pro appeared under the name Super Big Cup 11 ultra. The source believes that in this way Wang Teng Thomas hints at the release of the successor to the iconic Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition and Mi 11 Ultra, which flashed in the DxOMark camera rating. So the new model, whatever it is called, should consolidate the success of its predecessors and settle in the DxOMark top. But what kind of model will it be?

There are various rumors going around. On the one hand, logically, Xiaomi 12 Ultra should come out – the direct successor to Mi 11 Ultra. On the other hand, rumors suggest that Xiaomi will not have such a model, and instead Mix 5 and Mix 5 Pro will be released in early spring. And just Mix 5 Pro will become the very camera phone that will probably be able to move the Huawei P50 Pro from the first position in the DxOMark mobile camera rating.


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