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Meta canceled augmented and virtual reality operating system, according to report



According to a report, Meta took offline a custom operating system that was supposed to power the upcoming virtual and augmented reality headsets, though its full reasoning and future plans are still unclear, and the company has denied that it is reducing its overall system efforts. operational.

The Information reported the news recently, noting that the former company called Facebook canceled development of a project called XROS, named for XR, a general term for AR / VR, during November of just last year.

XROS, the operating system canceled by Meta

The Article from The Information reports that XROS development began in 2017 and had more than 300 people working on it. It’s apparently synonymous with the “reality operating system” that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and CTO Andrew Bosworth have publicly discussed before. In June 2021, Zuckerberg described creating a “Microkernel-based operating system” that it would give Meta tight control over each layer of its hardware, saying that a team was “quite advanced” in the initiative and linking its existence to the “not-too-distant future.”

XROS development was reportedly halted shortly after team leader Mark Lucovsky, formerly of Microsoft, announced that a similar project was to be worked on at Google. Lucovsky told The Information he left after former Facebook employee Frances Haugen publicly accused the company of harmful business practices in an interview.

Meta denied The Information’s report with a statement emailed to The Verge by Communications Manager Sheeva Slovan. “We are not stopping or reducing our operations in building a reality operating system,” the statement read. “The team continues to progress and we continue to invest in building future computing platforms such as virtual reality glasses and wearable devices to help realize our meta-reverse vision.”.

For a long time, Zuckerberg has looked to augmented and virtual reality as a way to escape the dominance of Apple and Google on mobile phones. And the company is reportedly still interested in building its own operating system, which could include a revived version of XROS.

Meta Vice President Gabriel Aul also published a tweet about the article. “There are several technical directions that we are following in our efforts to build operating systems at RealityLabs, we are still working on a highly specialized operating system for our devices, we continue to invest heavily in this work, and we continue to dedicate the necessary resources to build this.”wrote Aul. “We are growing this team, not reducing it. Come join us ».

There is no indication that the cancellation of XROS will affect Meta’s plans to produce new AR glasses, which include prototypes known as Project Aria and Nazare, but it apparently may mean they continue to use an Android-based operating system, such as that of the Quest devices ( formerly Oculus) VR, something that offers comfort but also makes Meta lose autonomy compared to another company’s operating system.


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Electric Cars

The electric version of the best-selling car in the US. Ford F-150 Lightning finally started shipping to retail customers



The electric version of the best selling car in the US

Ford has finally begun shipping its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck to retail customers.

The electric version of the best-selling car in the US.  Ford F-150 Lightning finally started shipping to retail customers

The company started production of the machines last month, and now the machines have begun to arrive to customers. The very first such lucky person is captured in the photo above.

A resident of Michigan booked a Platinum Trim Lightning package on May 20 last year, and he received the car on May 26 of this year, that is, almost exactly a year later. Interestingly, this person owns a Tesla Model 3, has already posted a Cybertruck deposit, and was considering buying a Rivian R1T.

Since the Ford F-Series is the best-selling car in the US, it’s no surprise that the company has amassed a huge amount of pre-orders for the electric version, and right now Ford can’t say exactly when it will be able to fulfill all these orders. This year, the company is going to produce only 40,000 cars, despite the fact that orders have been collected at least 200,000.

Including subsidies, the car in the US starts at $40,000.

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Telegram Premium is getting closer – the messenger will no longer be “free forever”



Telegram Premium is getting closer the messenger will no

Since its global launch, the Telegram messenger has positioned itself as a “free forever” product. This message appeared when installing the program on Android. More precisely, the slogan was: “Telegram is free forever. Without advertising. No subscription fees.” But now it looks like things are about to change.

Telegram Premium is getting closer - the messenger will no longer be “free forever”

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi said that the text of the slide has changed in the section with translations for the client applications of the messenger. Now it looks like this: “Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage for chats and media files.” Although there has been no official statement from the developers so far, it can be assumed that this is preparation for the launch of Telegram Premium.

In the fall of 2021, advertising appeared in the messenger: ads began to be displayed in large channels and groups. Premium features were also previously announced: in particular, paid account holders will receive a special badge next to their name, full-screen emojis and some other features will be available to them.

Thus, Telegram plans to improve the monetization of the product.

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A brand new Apple product could be unveiled in a week. The company registers the trademark realityOS



A brand new Apple product could be unveiled in a

It seems that Apple may at least nominally introduce its mixed reality headset in the near future.

A brand new Apple product could be unveiled in a week.  The company registers the trademark realityOS

Shortly before the WWDC 2022 event, which starts in a week, two company applications for the registration of the realityOS trademark were discovered on the Web at once. Recall that this will be the name of the operating system for the Apple headset.

These applications were filed back in December, but the important thing is that they have a foreign filing deadline – the date by which an applicant must file a foreign patent application in order to claim an earlier domestic patent application – June 8th. That is, two days after WWDC. That is, it is very likely that it is at WWDC 2022 that the Cupertino giant will for the first time tell something about its headset, or at least its OS.

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