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Mercedes-Benz showed the concept of its most unusual car Vision AVTR




One of the auto shows at the beginning of the year shocked many visitors with a futuristic model from Mercedes-Benz, which was given the name Vision AVTR. At that presentation, we had the opportunity to contemplate a static concept, which the engineers recently “put on wheels” and demonstrated how it moves “alive”.

Incredible Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept unexpectedly shown in motion

It is worth noting that the abbreviation AVTR in the title indicates what inspired the designers – the cult animated film Avatar. In truth, the prototype somewhat blurs the line between virtuality and reality. If you meet such a car by chance on the road, your eyes will not immediately believe what is happening, especially if this meeting takes place in the dark. However, take a look at the future of the automotive industry and evaluate the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR yourself:

Agree, despite the fact that there are also animated inserts in the 13-minute presentation video, it is not always possible to distinguish these frames from real ones, right?

Incredible Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept unexpectedly shown in motion

Unfortunately, practically nothing is reported with regards to the characteristics, as well as the price with the release date. It is known that instead of the traditional steering wheel, something like a joystick was introduced into the car.


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