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Media: stores may not have enough cheap PlayStation 5 without Blu-ray drive




For the new generation, Sony has prepared two versions of the PlayStation 5 – with Blu-ray drive and without. The console has already become available for pre-order, and, apparently, there are fewer “diskless PS5s”.

There may not be enough for everyone

According to Ars Technica, citing game retailer GameStop, in nine stores across the US, only 24% of all PS5s are Digital Edition. The rest of the run consists of a regular PlayStation 5 with a drive. On average, stores order 20% of new generation diskless set-top boxes, with the lowest ratio being 13%.

Previously, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan declined to say how many consoles will go on sale. Still, the head of the division assured that there will be enough set-top boxes to meet demand. Although Ryan admits that Sony has not yet produced two versions of the same set-top box at a time, it will be more difficult to calculate the required production volume.


“We cannot give specific information on the quantity, but we can say that we are planning to produce the required number of units to meet the demand for this type of model. However, we have never produced two different models of consoles at the same time before, so it is very difficult to determine the right quantity and the right ratio, ”he said.


It’s also worth noting that stores like GameStop can specifically order more classic PlayStation 5 versions. This will give retailers a better chance of consumers coming back for disc-based games, while the Digital Edition will only allow games to be launched from the PlayStation Store.


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