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Maximum speed! 6 tricks to surf the Internet faster



Although thanks to the fiber connections the speed problems they have begun to be a thing of the past, even with 1 Gbps connections we can have speed problems if we are not careful. Therefore, we are going to see some things that we have to review to improve speed on our devices.

Cable instead of WiFi

If we are accessing the Internet through WiFi on a computer, the signal may not be reaching us well because there are obstacles, because we are far from the router, because there are many devices connected, or simply because there is a lot of interference in the environment. The best way to end all that is use an ethernet cablewhich we can pass through the corrugated tubes at home, taking advantage of, for example, the tubes used by telephone line sockets, which are practically no longer used.

Optimize WiFi or change router

If you have range problems with WiFi, you may not be using the best channel in your area, since for example many of your neighbors may be using your same channel on 2.4 GHz (usually channels 1, 6 or 11). ), and there is one of them that is the least used. Therefore, by changing it normally you can reduce interference and improve coverage. There are programs like WiFi Analyzer that allow you to determine which channels are used the most around you.

Another option is to change the router directly. With the Wi-Fi 6 standard many advantages have been introduced in terms of signal modulation, thanks to which it is achieved Increase Speed with the same power, as has also been achieved slightly improve range. A WiFi 6 router doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it can save you a lot of headaches.

Be careful with the use of other devices or programs (torrent, etc)

If there are several people using computers at home, it may be that one of them has a torrent download program open and you have not noticed. It is important to review the traffic generated by each idle device in the event that you have speed or latency issues in your home, as this way you can quickly identify the culprit. To do this, you can see it from the Task Manager in the Performance section. If you want to know which process is consuming bandwidth, you can look at it in Resource Monitor.

Maximum speed 6 tricks to surf the Internet faster

This device may not even be saturating the maximum speed of the line, but if it is constantly using the WiFi connection, we may have ping and instability if our router does not have MU-MIMO.

Change the browser or install it from scratch

If you have navigation problems with the browser, you may need to clear the cache and even install the browser from scratch. The files that we download accumulate at times, and can make the browser not perform as fast as it should. We may also have many extensions installedand there is one that is consuming more resources.

Other tricks to navigate faster have nothing to do with speeding up the connection, but with optimizing what we use every day. It is important to have in bookmarks bar accesses to what we visit the most every day, where we can even eliminate the name and leave only the icon of each website so that we can fit more things.

Editing the hosts file

You can speed up navigation to sites you access frequently, as long as they have a static or fixed IP address. For this you only need to relate their domain names and addresses in your hosts file. To edit it, go to C:WindowsSystem32. drivers, etc, and there will be the hosts file. Open it with Notepad, and there enter the data as follows, first the IP address and then the domain name:

  • 251.45.110
  • 240.229.174
  • 240.229.35
  • 250.188.206

Change DNS

Changing DNS can be a way to make resolutions faster. As we have seen before, each website has an associated IP address, and when typing the name of a page in the browser bar, the browser has to contact a DNS server to know to which IP to send the access request and download your data.

dns benchmark test

There are DNS that are faster than others. Depending on where you live, you may there are DNS that are better for you or worse. To do this, you can use programs like DNS Benchmark, which will tell you which are the fastest DNS.

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Samsung cheated: the unique S95B QD-OLED TV turned out to be better than the company describes it



Samsung cheated the unique S95B QD OLED TV turned out to

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the S95B QD-OLED TV, which stands out with its new panel and 144Hz support. And with the last point there is a nuance.

Samsung cheated: the unique S95B QD-OLED TV turned out to be better than the company describes it

The fact is that the frequency of 120 Hz is indicated on the Samsung website, and the company spoke about it during the announcement. However, the TV was found to be capable of running at 144Hz while maintaining 4K UHD resolution.

The author of the HDTVTest channel conducted a series of tests and determined that the TV can indeed operate at a higher frequency than stated. At the same time, it works in full 4K UHD without various tricks like reduced vertical resolution and does not miss a single frame. Is that in this mode the color depth is limited to 8 bits.

In order to get the TV to work in this mode, you will need a PC, since modern consoles only support 120 Hz. You also need a video card with HDMI 2.1 and an appropriate cable. The author tested the novelty with the GeForce RTX 3090. Everything worked fine, including G-Sync.

The Samsung S95B QD-OLED is therefore a unique TV not only because of its new panel, but also because of its support for 144Hz at 4K UHD resolution.

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Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera options have appeared. They are fully consistent with the characteristics of the camera Xiaomi 11 Ultra



Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera options have appeared They are fully

It seems that, at least in terms of basic characteristics, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera will be completely identical to the Xiaomi 11 Ultra camera.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera options have appeared.  They are fully consistent with the characteristics of the camera Xiaomi 11 Ultra

prototype Xiaomi 12 Ultra

The source published a list of parameters, indicating a 120x zoom, a focal length range of 12-120 mm (equivalent) and an aperture range of F / 1.95-4.1. All this exactly matches the camera specifications of the current Xiaomi flagship.

That is, the periscope telephoto camera will still be able to provide 10x optical and 120x digital zoom and will be characterized by an aperture of F / 4.1, the main camera will have an aperture of F / 1.95, and the ultra wide-angle camera will offer a focal length of 12 mm equivalent.

But this does not mean at all that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera will not change. The company can change all three sensors while maintaining the above parameters. At a minimum, the device is credited with a new Sony IMX 989 main optical sensor with an optical format of about 1 inch.

It remains to be added that the source of information is the Digital Chat Station insider, who was the first or one of the first to correctly list the characteristics of many Xiaomi smartphones and not only.

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AMOLED screen and no 5G. Motorola Moto G42 is getting ready for release



AMOLED screen and no 5G Motorola Moto G42 is getting

Motorola seems to have decided to take the bull by the horns and actively expand its smartphone lineup amid impressive sales growth in the US.

AMOLED screen and no 5G.  Motorola Moto G42 is getting ready for release

Motorola has already launched many new Moto G lineups, and the G42 is on the way. We have renders of the novelty and some characteristics. For example, it is known that the smartphone will receive an AMOLED screen, like the G41 and G52. For Motorola smartphones, this is a good option, as they have an unusually implemented Always On Display feature.

According to the FCC, the novelty will not have 5G support, so the smartphone can receive, for example, SoC Snapdragon 680 or MediaTek Helio G88/G96.

As for the design, it is as typical as possible for the current generation of Motorola smartphones.

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