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Magic Roguelike with Advanced Physics Noita Out of Early Access



Independent Finnish studio Nolla Games on my microblog announced the long-awaited release of its magic roguelike advanced physics Noita from Early Access on PC.

Version 1.0 went on sale for digital distribution services Steam, GOG, Humble Store and There is a 20% discount on the game on launch. The promotion will last until October 22.

Taking into account the aforementioned proposal on Steam and GOG, the project will cost slightly less than 350 rubles, in the Humble Store you will have to part with 1250 rubles, and the edition for can be purchased for $ 16 (the same 1250 rubles).

In connection with the exit of Noita from Early Access, the developers have also published a trailer dedicated to the main feature of Nolla Games’ creation – “Physical modeling of each pixel”



In addition, on its website, the studio has published a list of changes that appeared in Noita along with version 1.0. As promised, the update is the largest in the history of the project.

The list includes Daily Practice Run mode, Twitch integration, graphics, sounds and performance improvements, new content (spells, enemies, secrets, music, and so on), gameplay and interface adjustments, and a redesign of the settings menu.

Noita has become a reality thanks to three independent developers: Crayon Physics Deluxe creator Petri Purho, The Swapper author Olli Harjola and Baba Is You creator Arvi Teikari.

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