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Mafia Definitive Edition first evaluations: remake without modern cliches




Mafia Definitive Edition has made it to release. While gamers are just starting to get acquainted with the game, journalists have already managed to play enough and even rate the latest project, Hangar 13.

How rated

Mafia Definitive Edition is a remake of the first “Mafia”, which was released back in 2002. The 2020 version features improved graphics, which have been re-drawn to modern standards, an extended storyline and additional missions. Not everyone liked the work of Hangar 13, and after 25 reviews from critics, the average rating of the Mafia Definitive Edition (PC) is 78 points.

The author of Destructoid praised the remake for keeping the best features of the original and improving the flaws correctly. The structure of the tasks remained the same, but the developers rewrote the dialogues and removed unnecessary tasks that slowed down the pace of the game.

Separately, the journalist praises Lost Haven, who was made more beautiful, but did not shower with points of interest. There are collectibles in the game, but gamers are not dumped a hundred side quests to fill the open world.

In addition, PC Gamer was praised for shooting: weapons feel good, and missions with shootouts do not have time to get bored with their frequency. At the same time, the character himself turned out to be slow, which causes difficulties when using shelters in narrow corridors. The impression can be ruined by a stupid AI, which does not particularly like to act tactically.

Mafia Definitive Edition ratings:

  • PC Games – 90
  • Destructoid – 90
  • GameStar -88
  • AusGamers – 82
  • PCGamesN – 80
  • IGN – 80
  • PC Gamer – 79
  • Screen Rant – 70


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