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macOS 11.0 Big Sur – the first OS from Apple, sharpened for ARM chips



Apple Corporation has long, namely in June this year, announced its new operating system for its personal computers and laptops – macOS 11.0 Big Sur, which promises to bring many innovations, but we do not know anything about the release date. More precisely, they did not know, because the tech giant has finally officially announced the release date of the new operating system, and it will take place on November 12. And why is macOS 11.0 Big Sur so remarkable? The fact that it will be the very first ever version of macOS that will support the new, proprietary M1 laptop processor developed by Apple itself based on ARM.

But even if you do not plan to upgrade to the company’s new laptops, after downloading and installing a new free update, you will most likely immediately notice quite noticeable changes in design and aesthetics, because many elements now look a little more like external iOS view. It is also worth noting that in Big Sur, the corporation implements a customizable control center, in which users can independently switch brightness, Do Not Disturb mode and any other settings of your choice. The new operating system also includes a new notification center that will keep all your notifications and widgets in one neat and compact column, sort those notifications, and group related notifications together.

That is, notifications on Mac computers will essentially become iOS notifications. And by the way, the two interfaces mentioned above will be semi-transparent, just like in iOS. Other changes include taller menu bars, changing the font color based on the desktop background, and changing the overall appearance of windows, making them slightly more transparent. Be that as it may, Big Sur will not only change the design. The operating system will also receive functions aimed at further protecting your privacy. For example, immediately after installing the update, the Safari browser will be updated, which will receive an update called Privacy Report.

Thanks to the innovation, you will be able to see for yourself the various cross-site trackers that the browser has blocked in the last 30 days. The improved password control tool is also worth mentioning, so you don’t have to worry about any website stealing your passwords. The App Store will also undergo a change, because with the arrival of Big Sur, all applications from the above store will indicate the types of data that applications can collect, as well as the ability to transfer the collected data to third parties. So if you own a Mac computer, you can upgrade today.

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