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Long-awaited iPhone 12: All insider data about the main premiere of Apple 2020 – Smartphones




Apple’s products are associated by many of its users with flagship equipment, which almost always works flawlessly. Every year, the manufacturer delights fans of quality smartphones with innovations and original solutions that affect not only the appearance but also the approach to software, autonomy and security. The journalists of the “Current News” publication have gathered all the available information about the upcoming iPhone 12 and other models that will be presented by Apple as part of the traditional autumn presentation.

Date of presentation of iPhone 12

Apple will take place on September 15. Earlier, there were many articles on the Web that the company will not be able to show new devices in time due to problems with the supply of components. In addition, the release of the next generation of iPhone could affect the situation with coronaviruses, significantly reduced the purchasing power of the population. The list of devices that are preparing for the premiere has not yet been made public, but it will definitely feature the long-awaited iPhone 12.

Possible technical characteristics

According to insiders, the iPhone 12 will be presented in four variations. The main model received a 5.4-inch display, which is relatively small by today’s standards. The iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro will have 6.1-inch screens. The iPhone 6. Pro Max will get the largest 6.7-inch display. Judging by the merged information, all new devices from Apple will have the same resolution in 4K. Samsung Display screens are planned to be installed on the 12th generation iPhone, although the company has previously stated that it is ready to abandon them in favor of its own products. Most likely, it will debut in the next generation of flagship smartphones.

The Chinese edition of Mydrivers previously stated that Apple will not focus on smartphones this year. The attention of potential customers should primarily attract the Apple Watch and iPad Air. The iPhone 12 itself can be a simple continuation of the line without major changes. Other sources in the company report the opposite. According to one version, the new generation of smartphones from Apple will return to the classic form factor with awkward sides. The difference from the fifth generation will be the size of the device. The company will also continue to follow fashion trends, producing only frameless smartphones.

Another “nail of the program” for the upcoming event from Apple should be the release of the new operating system iOS 14. It should get a completely redesigned interface with interactive icons, the ability to group applications into folders and many other useful utilities. To iOS 14 plan to upgrade all smartphones from the company, starting with the first iPhone SE. Insiders also note that waiting for the release of tvOS 14, watchOS 7 and macOS Big Sur will have a little longer due to production delays.

John Prosser, who is a well-known informant at Apple, previously said that the presentation of the line of smartphones could take place on September 22. According to him, the manufacturer intends to divide the event into two parts, first showing additional devices such as watches or headphones, and a week later to demonstrate the flagship devices of the twelfth generation. In a series of recent messages on Twitter today, a network informant confirmed that the new Apple Watch will indeed be released earlier than the iPhone 12. So far there has been no official refutation of this information, so the company can indeed hold a double presentation. Prosser has established itself thanks to the authentic release of iPhone SE 2020 and MacBook Pro 13 releases.

According to the latest data, all new generation devices from Apple will support 5G technology. Also, many insiders report a significant reduction in the so-called “monobrow” on the iPhone 12 by completely removing the frame and the appearance of a small strip at the top for the speaker and proximity sensor. The company is going to please fans of original colors of smartphones. The new line should have a light blue device, which will replace the light green.

The cost of the iPhone 12

Another interesting issue is the cost of the iPhone 12. The previous generation lost many customers due to the inflated price tag, so the company now has to adapt it to all consumer groups. According to insiders, the cost of the device in the basic variation will start from 649 dollars. For the most expensive version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512 gigabytes of internal memory will have to pay up to 1,400,000 dollars.


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