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Logitech surprises with its unusual mouse Ergo M575



Logitech is known as a fairly active manufacturer of various computer peripherals, including in the gaming segment. However, today the company has demonstrated that it can surprise not only fans of gaming scenarios for using a computer and laptop, but also those who want a more convenient and indicative option for mouse control, because today the Logitech development team presented their new brainchild in the form of an unusual mouse Logitech Ergo M575. And we cannot say that this experiment was not crowned with success, since preliminary tests clearly illustrate that the mouse really turned out to be extremely comfortable.

In particular, the Logitech Ergo M575 is a mouse of a special rounded and sloping shape with a protruding touch disk on the left – it is he who is responsible for moving the cursor around the display and it is with the help of it that the bulk of actions and manipulations are performed. This mouse was designed specifically for two scenarios – either if it is necessary to use it in the most limited physical space, when it is simply impossible to physically move it on the table, or for those users who have certain problems with fine and gross motor skills and hands and who need a more comfortable and intuitive approach to control.

Considering that the Logitech engineering team has been actively experimenting with various technical designs of their trackball up to this point, it becomes clear that the Ergo M575 combines all the best and most representative options for individual elements of technical design and the best developments in this area.

The Logitech Ergo M575 is something truly unique and unusual for the end user, and not only in connection with such an unusual shape – the model is offered for a very attractive price of 50 USD from the official Logitech online store, and therefore every interested user can take a closer look at its acquisition. It’s worth noting the fact that Logitech prefers to work with its proven designs and controls in this mouse anyway.

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