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List of PS5 games with 120 FPS support



One of the most exciting features of the PlayStation 5 is the ability to run video games at 120 frames per second. It is worth noting that this feature is not announced for all games that will be released on the new generation of the console, but for many developers this is a great opportunity to attract gamers with a smoother picture. At the moment, the list of projects that will provide gamers with the opportunity to conquer virtual worlds at 120 FPS is rather modest, but in the near future the authors of major releases will definitely add to it. Or, at a minimum, current releases will receive support for an additional performance mode.

PS5 games with 120 FPS support


Name of the gameResolutionFree upgradedate
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Cold war
4KNothe 13th of November
Devil may cry 5
Special Edition
1080 rubNoNovember
Dirt 5YesNovember
Monster boy and the
Cursed kingdom
Rainbow six siege4KYes


Games at 120 frames per second provide the gamer with smoother images than at 30 or 60 frames. In addition, input lag is reduced, which means that the character will react much faster to your actions. Below is a video demonstrating the benefits of 120 FPS:

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