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Linux is being ported to Nintendo 64



Developer Lori Kasanen published Linux port for the Nintendo 64 console. According to the author, the project aims to simplify the porting of games and software.

Laurie Kasenin is an open source software developer who has previously proven himself to be involved with the Mesa project and help with the Linux graphics stack.

Kasenen released the binary version of the port on GitHub. The 64-bit assembly binary for the MIPS processor is downloaded to the console via a flash cartridge. The problem with memory remains – the console has only 4 MiB of RAM visible to the central processor, and it is barely enough for work. According to the developer, uClibc-ng for the Nintendo 64 MIPS processor did not work, so he had to rely on the Musl C library.

Although not the first time he has tried to port Linux to the N64, Laurie claims to have not used any previous work.

The Linux port cannot be run on the Nintendo 64 console emulator. The developer promises to add this feature in the future. To launch the one obtained in CEN64, the latter had to be significantly modified, and Laurie promises to give the changes upstream.

Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 video game console in 1996. The console with a 64-bit NEC VR4300 (MIPS R4300i) processor with a frequency of 93.75 MHz competed with other representatives of the fifth generation – Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The maximum theoretical performance of the central processor does not exceed 93.75 MFLOPS.

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