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Linus Torvalds releases Linux kernel 5.9



After two months of development, Linus Torvalds has officially shipped the Linux 5.9 kernel for release. Among the most important changes are support for compressing the kernel image using the Zstd algorithm, support for the PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) protocol, restricting the import of symbols from proprietary modules to the GPL, noticeably accelerating context switching operations using FSGSBASE instructions, improved dm-crypt performance, and also a completely new slab memory management mechanism and support for inline encryption in ext4 and F2FS.

In addition, Linus Torvalds noted that the new version received more than sixteen thousand fixes from two thousand developers from all over the world, and the size of the patch is 62 MB. Moreover, about 45% of all changes in kernel 5.9 are directly related to device drivers, about 15% are related to code updates, 13% are allocated to the network stack, 3% of changes are tied to file systems, and the same amount is related to internal kernel subsystems.

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