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LiDAR in iPhone 12 Pro can be used to measure a person’s height



iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are two models from the new series of Apple smartphones, which received not only a triple main camera, but also a lidar used in photography and in augmented reality applications. Earlier it was reported that this sensor is more advanced than the one found in the iPad Pro 2020. This could mean that more options will be available to users. Now, for example, it allows you to measure a person’s height.

While this may seem like a useless addition at first glance, the lidar camera on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max can really offer some benefits. Of course, as developers add lidar support and offer new features in the future.

LiDAR in iPhone 12 Pro can be used to measure a person's height


Currently, a LiDAR camera can be used to quickly measure a person’s height while he is standing or even sitting. To do this, you first need to launch the Measure application, which will detect the person in the frame and automatically measure his height. You can also take a picture of him with growth data and share the picture on social networks. The feature is also present on the iPad Pro 2020.

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