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LG will release a new flagship in early 2021



LG has been something really curious lately, since during the current 2020 it managed to release a lot of smartphones on the market – even if the most important of them is still the model of the most productive flagship LG V60 ThinQ. Some users and experts of the mobile industry, soon after the launch of this device, one way or another, began to predict the company is not the most reliable and effective way of development in the next 2021, since it is believed that the company has so far exhausted its stock of ideas and technologies – however, today the company’s management has shared news with users that this is not at all the case.

LG is in fact planning to launch a new high-performance flagship, codenamed Rainbow, in the first quarter of next 2021, which is likely to be built in the best technical tradition of the current flagship LG V60 ThinQ, and which will feature a Snapdragon 875 processor chip for maximum performance. However, it is still very difficult to say how competent this approach is, since the current version of the flagship is not devoid of some of its objective problems and controversial points.

As for other lines of smartphones from the company, everything can be extremely complex and unpredictable in their relation, since it is already obvious that they do not have any competitive element in the face of models from other manufacturers – and at the same time, they are not cheap for comparatively budget smartphones. However, if the likelihood is that the company will simply change its pricing policy in accordance with current trends.

It’s worth noting that LG has some other plans for the right technology and features for its device, not to mention that it is generally willing to experiment in a more daring way with its designs. And if we also take into account the fact that LG has some other developments that have not yet been formalized into a single project, it becomes clear that they can find their place in the next flagship model at the beginning of 2021, and surprise all the company’s fans.

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