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LG patented 17-inch laptop with retractable screen



Following the recent announcements of Oppo’s concept phone and TCL’s retractable smartphone, the trend has begun to shift from folding smartphones to folding screens. And LG decided to try its hand at creating a laptop with a retractable screen.

LG has already tried to make equipment with a retractable screen, a vivid example of this is the High-End Signature with a price tag of $ 60,000. The company has also applied for the Rollable name, which is likely to receive an LG smartphone with a retractable display.

According to the latest patent, LG is preparing a 17-inch laptop with a non-standard form factor. The main highlight is the retractable display, which can be folded in and out, it can unfold within 13.3-17 inches.

From the image, the keyboard and touchpad can also fold down to take up even less space when not in use. The concept is interesting, but when the demo model will be unknown. At the same time, TCL has already shown how the retractable screen of the concept smartphone works.

Source: gsmarena

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