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LG has introduced gaming 8K OLED TVs




LG ELectronics in the official presentation showed a new model range of OLED-TVs, which are distinguished by 8K resolution and are positioned as gaming models. The company made this announcement right now, as Nvidia just yesterday unveiled new GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards, and LG considers support for these graphics cards to be one of the chips of the new LG TVs.

LG’s new 8K TVs are powered by third-generation Alpha 9 processors, which support artificial intelligence and the ability to output 8K at 60 fps, with a bandwidth of 48 Gbps. Also worth mentioning is support for HDMI 2.1, VRR (variable refresh rate), low latency and Nvidia G-Sync.

The TVs also support a large number of technologies for high-quality sound – Dolby Atmos, BT Surround and its own speaker tuning system using artificial intelligence, which allows you to recognize the environment around the user and adjust the sound according to it.


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