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LEGO will officially sell the Fender Stratocaster guitar




As they say, you have to live your life so that Google knows about it. But this is in humans. What about things? How do you know that this thing is great?

One of the possible options – the item will be immortalized in LEGO. And there are already many of them: “Death Star”, ISS, Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 911, classic MINI and so on. And now the collection has been replenished with one of the most famous guitars in the world – the Fender Stratocaster:

Fender Stories collection Eric Johnson 1954 “Virginia” Stratocaster. Source: Fender

Since 1954, it has been one of the “Golden Four” electric guitars popular around the world, in addition to the Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul and Gibson SG.

The LEGO version of Fender will go on sale in 2021. The set will be included in the IDEAS series. It includes those constructors that were invented by LEGO fans, and embodied by employees. For example, at different times they produced the same “Yellow Submarine”, which is Yellow Submarine:

Source: LEGO

Or a set dedicated to the Friends series:

Source: LEGO

And recently an expensive, but no less cool piano came out:

There are no details on the upcoming Fender Stratocaster set yet. We only know that it will be released in several colors. Apparently, only one-color options will be available, and there will be no classic sunburst:

Source: LEGO

It is hard to call a very precise model of the “Strata”. Here’s a guitar from the kit:

Source: LEGO

And here’s my Stratocaster, as it was before I made it less classic:

Fender Stratocaster. Photo: Ilya Kichaev / Wylsacom Media

The bridge single is not at an angle, the “jack” also does not look like a Stratocaster at all, and on what “Strats” have you seen such a pickguard? In short, I have some questions!

But with this little Fender Champion-like amp, I’m willing to forgive everything. I hope it will be included in the kit along with the rack!

Source: LEGO

There is not even an approximate date for this set to go on sale. 2021 is all that is known. The price was not named either.


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