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Legendary Doom launches on pregnancy test display




Of course, the benefits of running the good old Doom shooter on an electronic pregnancy test remain unclear, but the fact itself is surprising. The author of this “project” was a Twitter user with the nickname @Foone. In his tape, he showed in fact what a simple tester can do if the hands of an enthusiast with a lot of free time can reach him.

A reckless venture, yes, but it’s better than wasting time in online games, isn’t it? Therefore, we will give the guy “credit” in his efforts. Moreover, anyone can repeat his “feat”, because he promised to publish a step-by-step guide. So, who is interested, you know who to contact.

In addition to Doom, almost any video can be displayed on a microscopic monochrome screen. Of course, the image quality leaves much to be desired, because the pixels in the display are only 128×32 pixels. However, you can see it firsthand:

By the way, this is not the first electronics lover who implements such an idea. One of the enthusiasts managed to get Doom running on an old McDonald’s cash register. Perhaps it was easier for him to implement it, unlike the hero of this article, because even Windows XP was in the cash register, and what operating system was in the pregnancy test, tell me?

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