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Leaked: Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Coming To PS4, Xbox One And Switch In October 2020




Now Electronic Arts will not get out – Mass Effect Trilogy “lit up” on the website of the Portuguese game store.

Mass Effect for modern consoles

Since the beginning of the summer, rumors have circulated on the Internet about a re-release of the Mass Effect series. VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb was the first to talk about Mass Effect, writing what gamers will get HD remasters the first three games in the series.

Now, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered editions have appeared on the Portuguese play store website. Judging by the published pages, the project will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch. In previous leaks, Grubb reported that the “big N” console may not receive HD remake or it will come out late.

Unfortunately, there is no description on the pages of Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, and the release date is October 2020. The same date was predicted in previous leaks by Jeff Grubb. Insider Nibel also notedthat the boxes do not use the new logo, but the old one – from the Mass Effect compilation for the Xbox 360. Therefore, published editions can only be a stub in case of an announcement. However, after the publicity, the store hastened to remove the pages.


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