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League of Legends and Wild Rift: know everything about the 2022 season



This week Riot Games kicked off the 2022 Season of League of Legends, with many new features for gamers LoL on PC, Wild Rift on mobile devices, and esports in general. One of the biggest highlights, of course, was the official presentation of the new champion Zeri.

Let’s start with the flagship League of Legends. There, the new ranked season is already happening, which brings an unprecedented look to each of the tiers. Between January 7th and 13th, some rewards will be active such as:

  • Season 2022 Icon
  • 1,200 Blue Essences
  • eternal capsule
  • Sentinel God of the Forge – Season 2022
  • Emote the Call
  • 500 orange essences
  • Hextech chest and key
  • Champion Shards featuring Ornn, Sejuani, Olaf, Volibear, Pantheon, Leona, Kai’Sa, Taliyah, and Rek’Sai

Between January 7th and 19th, we have AVM inside the client and thematic voting, which includes the Infernal, Gothic and Celestial Arch themes. Those who go through the Visual and Mechanical Updates are Shyvana, Tryndamere, Skarner and Kog’maw. Between January 15th and 16th we will also have the Season 2022 of the Clash tournament, so write it down in your schedule.

LoL Season 2022 CalendarLoL Season 2022 CalendarSource: Riot Games

Another cool novelty on the way are the Porcelain Skins, which arrive to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Mythic content will also be overhauled, with changes to systems including a new currency, the Mythic Essence, improved Prestige skins, and overhauled Event Passes. Finally, a new challenges system will be implemented.

What’s New in Wild Rift

There is still no exact date for this to happen, but we know that in a few months we will have terrain changes in Wild Rift, and each match will show the map being dominated by an element, such as Hell, Mountain, Ocean or Cloud.

Update 3.0 will add the long-awaited champions Sett and Yuumi, while update 3.1 will allow us to play with Karma and Shen. In addition, Wild Rift esports will feature eight regional leagues as part of the competitive landscape, and regions will form the basis of the competition structure. It all starts with the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, which kicks off in Europe mid-2022, the highest level of gameplay there is.

Wild Rift will start its new and main world tournamentWild Rift will start its new and main world tournamentSource: Riot Games

Zeri’s powers!

With League of Legends Update 12.2, the brave Zeri finally becomes a playable character, and now we know a little more about how exactly she will perform in combat.

Her passive is the Living Battery, which causes her to gain movement speed whenever she receives a shield. Dealing damage to rival shields, she absorbs them and gains shield for herself. Pressing Q, Zeri uses Lightning Blast, firing 7 projectiles of physical damage, and with W, Zeri fires the Ultra Shock Laser that slows and damages.

The new champion Zeri arrives to shake up the game!The new champion Zeri arrives to shake up the game!Source: Riot Games

By pressing E, Zeri unleashes the Accelerated Spark and manages to advance in small distances, energizing the next 3 Glow Blasts, so that they pass through enemies. If you hit a champion, the cooldown is accelerated.

Its powerful R attack is Lightning Blast, a colossal electrical blast that damages anyone nearby and causes Zeri to go into overload. In this state, it has more damage, as well as increased movement and attack speed. His Gleaming Burst also now focuses on a triple lightning ricochet shot!

What did you think of all these news? Looking forward to spending 2022 playing more League of Legends and Wild Rift? Comment below!


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Pimax Portal unveiled, the first entertainment system for the Metaverse is a hybrid of a game console, tablet and VR helmet



Pimax Portal unveiled the first entertainment system for the Metaverse

Pimax Technology started making consumer VR headsets in 2015. But now they have launched a campaign to raise money for a new project – Pimax Portal. It is claimed to be the first entertainment system for the Metaverse.

Pimax Portal unveiled, the first entertainment system for the Metaverse is a hybrid of a game console, tablet and VR helmet

Portal is a powerful all-in-one Android gaming device that combines the capabilities of a game console, VR headset and tablet.

The console uses a 144-Hz QLED panel with a diagonal of 6 inches and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The display will be touch sensitive. If necessary, you can buy another one – on a MiniLED matrix with a diagonal of 8.8 inches and a frequency of 120 Hz. He will get permission

Powered by Qualcomm XR2 Snapdragon SoC, Mini Station Dock features AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, Radeon 680M integrated graphics, 32GB RAM, 1TB storage, WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1, WiGig, and 56Wh battery . It is equipped with HDMI, Ethernet and USB Type-A and Type-C ports, and also doubles as a charging dock and storage space for up to 4 game controllers.

There will be a second docking station – Pimax Portal Dock. It will allow you to connect Portal Max to your TV for playing on a large screen and will be able to support up to 6 wireless controllers for multiplayer games.

The console will receive a total of 32 buttons, and outwardly it will be similar to the Nintendo Switch. And the Pimax Portal will also remove the controllers, although they will be fixed with magnets, and not in the way it is done on the Switch.

Pimax Portal unveiled, the first entertainment system for the Metaverse is a hybrid of a game console, tablet and VR helmet

In VR mode, the tablet will be inserted into the helmet, and the field of view (FOV) offers two configurations – with a 100° or 60° field of view. This is provided by interchangeable lenses. A 10,000 mAh battery is responsible for power.

Other features include cameras and sensors for eye, face and mouth tracking, as well as hand tracking when working with wireless controllers.

  • As for prices, they are as follows:
  • Pimax Portal with 8 GB + 128 GB – $299.
  • Pimax Portal with 8 GB + 256 GB – $399.
  • Pimax Portal QLED with 8 GB + 256 GB QLED + MiniLED – $549.
  • Pimax Portal View with 8 GB + 128 GB VR controller and VR helmet – $449.
  • Pimax Portal View with 8 GB + 256 GB VR controller and VR helmet – $499.
  • Pimax Portal QLED View with 8GB + 256GB QLED + MiniLED VR Controller and VR headset – $599.

It was previously reported that the PlayStation VR2 headset for PS5 will cost $549.99.

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Named the best apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch



Named the best apps and games for iPhone iPad Mac

Apple has announced the winners of the annual App Store Awards, naming the 16 best apps and games presented in the App Store in 2022.

This year’s winners represent a diverse community of developers from around the world whose apps and games have been selected by the Apple App Store editorial team for “exceptional experiences and deep cultural impact.”

This year’s App Store Award winners have reimagined our app experience with a fresh and thoughtful perspective. From self-taught soloists to international teams operating around the world, these entrepreneurs make a significant impact and represent how apps and games affect our communities and lives.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Named the best apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch

iPhone App of the Year is BeReal, which lets you share photos and chat with friends. It does not have filters and masks, so the pictures are as vivid as possible, close to reality. Apex Legends Mobile was named the best game for iPhone.

The iPad App of the Year was GoodNotes 5 by Time Base Technology Limited, which “takes digital note-taking to the next level with best-in-class Apple Pencil support.”

For Mac computers, MacFamilyTree 10 was the best app, which will be appreciated by genealogists, and for Apple Watch smartwatches, the Gentler Streak app was chosen.

You can see the full list of applications, including eight games, on the Apple website.

Recall that the former top manager criticized the App Store in a recent article.

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Americans set an absolute record for spending on Black Friday. They bought smartphones, consoles, drones and games



Americans set an absolute record for spending on Black Friday

US consumers spent a record $9.12 billion online during Black Friday this year, according to Adobe, which tracks sales on retailer websites.

Total online sales the day after Thanksgiving rose 2.3% year-on-year, with electronics the biggest contributor, with online sales up 221% over the past year. Another popular category among buyers were games, which saw a 285% increase in sales, and exercise equipment, which saw a 218% increase in sales.

Buy Now, Pay Later payments are up 78% from last week and revenue from the program is up. Some of this year’s hottest merchandise included gaming consoles, drones, Apple MacBooks, Dyson products, and games like Fortnite, Roblox, Bluey, Funko Pop! and Disney Encanto.

Americans set an absolute record for spending on Black Friday.  They bought smartphones, consoles, drones and games

Black Friday shoppers also broke the record for mobile device orders, with 48% of online sales coming from smartphones, up from 44% last year.

The record spending followed a successful Thanksgiving shopping day, when consumers forked online for a record high of $5.29 billion, up 2.9% from last year.

Even though Black Friday is over, e-commerce activity will remain strong over the weekend, according to an Adobe report. $11.2 billion is expected to be spent this year on Cyber ​​Monday, up 5.1% from last year.

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