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League of Legends and Wild Rift: know everything about the 2022 season



This week Riot Games kicked off the 2022 Season of League of Legends, with many new features for gamers LoL on PC, Wild Rift on mobile devices, and esports in general. One of the biggest highlights, of course, was the official presentation of the new champion Zeri.

Let’s start with the flagship League of Legends. There, the new ranked season is already happening, which brings an unprecedented look to each of the tiers. Between January 7th and 13th, some rewards will be active such as:

  • Season 2022 Icon
  • 1,200 Blue Essences
  • eternal capsule
  • Sentinel God of the Forge – Season 2022
  • Emote the Call
  • 500 orange essences
  • Hextech chest and key
  • Champion Shards featuring Ornn, Sejuani, Olaf, Volibear, Pantheon, Leona, Kai’Sa, Taliyah, and Rek’Sai

Between January 7th and 19th, we have AVM inside the client and thematic voting, which includes the Infernal, Gothic and Celestial Arch themes. Those who go through the Visual and Mechanical Updates are Shyvana, Tryndamere, Skarner and Kog’maw. Between January 15th and 16th we will also have the Season 2022 of the Clash tournament, so write it down in your schedule.

LoL Season 2022 CalendarLoL Season 2022 CalendarSource: Riot Games

Another cool novelty on the way are the Porcelain Skins, which arrive to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Mythic content will also be overhauled, with changes to systems including a new currency, the Mythic Essence, improved Prestige skins, and overhauled Event Passes. Finally, a new challenges system will be implemented.

What’s New in Wild Rift

There is still no exact date for this to happen, but we know that in a few months we will have terrain changes in Wild Rift, and each match will show the map being dominated by an element, such as Hell, Mountain, Ocean or Cloud.

Update 3.0 will add the long-awaited champions Sett and Yuumi, while update 3.1 will allow us to play with Karma and Shen. In addition, Wild Rift esports will feature eight regional leagues as part of the competitive landscape, and regions will form the basis of the competition structure. It all starts with the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, which kicks off in Europe mid-2022, the highest level of gameplay there is.

Wild Rift will start its new and main world tournamentWild Rift will start its new and main world tournamentSource: Riot Games

Zeri’s powers!

With League of Legends Update 12.2, the brave Zeri finally becomes a playable character, and now we know a little more about how exactly she will perform in combat.

Her passive is the Living Battery, which causes her to gain movement speed whenever she receives a shield. Dealing damage to rival shields, she absorbs them and gains shield for herself. Pressing Q, Zeri uses Lightning Blast, firing 7 projectiles of physical damage, and with W, Zeri fires the Ultra Shock Laser that slows and damages.

The new champion Zeri arrives to shake up the game!The new champion Zeri arrives to shake up the game!Source: Riot Games

By pressing E, Zeri unleashes the Accelerated Spark and manages to advance in small distances, energizing the next 3 Glow Blasts, so that they pass through enemies. If you hit a champion, the cooldown is accelerated.

Its powerful R attack is Lightning Blast, a colossal electrical blast that damages anyone nearby and causes Zeri to go into overload. In this state, it has more damage, as well as increased movement and attack speed. His Gleaming Burst also now focuses on a triple lightning ricochet shot!

What did you think of all these news? Looking forward to spending 2022 playing more League of Legends and Wild Rift? Comment below!


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Google starts testing Android games on Windows



A few months ago, the Google team announced that Play Games would be coming to Windows 11 in 2022. Yes, all the dynamics of Google Play games available in Windows to play on our PCs.

A little over a month has passed since that news, and there are already news about it. Google is launching a beta version of Play Games for PC in select markets.

Google Play Games brings Android games to Windows

The Google team is already beginning to test the dynamics of Google PlayGames on Windows. At the moment, it is a beta version available only for Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Users will be able to register on the waiting list and Google will send invitations progressively.

Users participating in the beta version can play a catalog of games from Google Play on their Windows PC through a separate application created by Google. We are pleased to announce that some of the world’s most popular mobile games will be available at launch.

Although the entire catalog will not be available in this first stage, users will find titles such as Three Kingdoms Tactics, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, Summoners War, among others.

So users will be able to download their favorite mobile games to play them from PC. This will not only allow you to play on a larger screen with optimized graphics, but also have more control over the dynamics of the game.

And of course, your game library and progress will be synced across devices just by using the same Google Play Games profile. And a detail that Google hasn’t forgotten is the Play Points, since users can also earn them for their activity in Play Games from the PC. So they will be able to accumulate and redeem them on the PC following the same dynamics that we know on the mobile.


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What gamers expect from the Asus ROG Phone 6



L’Asus ROG Phone 6 promises to be an excellent technological gadget. Let’s take a look at this upcoming product from the Taiwanese manufacturer and find out what exactly gamers expect from it.

In the video game industry, mobile games on smartphones remain one of the most promising areas. On the one hand, the income they generate continues to increase and, on the other hand, the industry in general is holding its own, despite the difficulties caused by the health crisis. According to the latest figures provided by Newzoo, global revenue reached more than 158 billion euros in 2021, compared to around 122 euros in 2020, according to Superdata. One of the reasons for this is that due to the pandemic and lockdown, mobile games have become one of people’s main hobbies. In order to follow this trend and to better satisfy demanding gamers, major brands such as Xiaomi and Samsung are working on increasingly fast devices.


For its part, Asus is said to be concocting the launch of its new ROG Phone 6 smartphone, which will mainly target mobile game enthusiasts.

Spotlight on the ROG Phone 6

On the occasion of the MWC 2021 event which took place in Barcelona in March 2021, Asus unveiled its ROG Phone 5 smartphone. The product has been a great success with the general public, and the firm does not want to stop the. In fact, Asus is currently preparing the arrival of its successor, the ROG Phone 6. Could this already long-awaited new version meet the expectations of video game enthusiasts? In any case, it should have better characteristics especially in terms of cooling, since the ROG Phone 5 tends to overheat when playing for more than 20 minutes.

Note that the next model will have several interesting features. Rumors point to a large 6.7-inch screen, 18 GB RAM and an ultra-powerful processor provided by Qualcomm.

The ROG Phone 6, a powerful smartphone?

To compete with its competitors, Asus should also think about equipping its new product with a more powerful camera. Of course, the ROG Phone 5 is already equipped with a reliable camera module, but it should be noted that it has a weak point when it comes to its ultra-wide lens, which performs a bit poorly.

In the process, the brand should improve, or simply remove the 5-megapixel macro camera, which only unnecessarily increased the price of the smartphone.

Either way, we expect the Asus ROG Phone 6 to be sturdy while offering excellent versatility thanks to its many features. Among these, we can mention the wireless charging function, its fingerprint scanner which promises to be very efficient, its expandable storage system and its stereo speakers whose quality should impress us.


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Because nothing is sacred anymore, an Internet user creates a Pokémon FPS



There are those who occupy themselves by making houses of cards or Eiffel Towers out of matchsticks—then there is Dragon, an amateur developer who decided to make a FPS Pokemon using the Unreal Engine. So it may sound nice heard like that, but don’t get me wrong: it’s not a Pokémon capture game with a first person camera, but a shooter where the goal is to slaughter the most pocket monsters with a shovel. And the worst part is that the result could have been much worse.

Credits: @Dragon_GameDev2

It’s hot in Kanto

This project is not new—it was Christmas 2021, when Dragon posted a dev-log on Youtube. But it was during this beginning of the week that the FPS made its buzz on the web with the help of a gameplay video posted on Twitter. With more than 35,000 likes, the rudimentary little demo made with free-to-use assets has spread to the four corners of the social network.

The small excerpt posted online already allows you to see some characters at the other end of the gun: Pikachu, Nidoking or even Tygnon do not go through the pokéball box but take a bullet directly between their two eyes. The arsenal also shows diversity, with the choice between a classic glock, a shotgun or a sniper of the best kind. While seeing Pokémon swallowing buckshot isn’t oddly surprising, the small sprays of blood that accompany the impact are slightly unhealthy—but we’ll let everyone judge the end result.

There are the good ones then there are the bad hunters

But the most serious affront is undoubtedly the phases of bosses which are presented and which would almost make you want to discover some. With their elemental area attacks, fights against Zapdos and Articuno go down incredibly well on screen—and of course, the all-American obsession with Mewtwo also leads to its presence as a boss, with all the drama. dramatic.

So honestly, given the project’s explosion in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable injunction from Nintendo and the Pokémon Company. The Kyoto firm is absolutely unforgiving about the use of its intellectual properties, and even the title could be distributed for free—if it ever comes out in a playable version one day—it wouldn’t take more to see the project buried under penalty of legal proceedings.


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